Mike Wankum Surgery & Injury

Mike Wankum Surgery & Injury – What Happened To Mike Wankum Arm?

Mike Wankum Surgery & Injury – What Happened To Mike Wankum Arm?

Mike Wankum Surgery & Injury: What happened to his arm?

The WCVB Channel 5 meteorologist returns on air after a short break due to the injury in his arm. He has been out for almost a month and marked his return this week. 

The veteran TV personality has been delivering weather news for more than 2 decades. He is very popular, especially among the residents of Boston. He is currently healing, and we hope for his speedy recovery. 

Mike Wankum Surgery & Injury: Did He Have Surgery?

Mike Wankum did have surgery as he confirmed it on his Facebook post. 

The meteorologist was out for almost a month, and just when everyone was wondering about his whereabouts, he posted on Facebook about his surgery. 

Wankum recently had rotator cuff surgery on his left hand. He couldn’t point with his left hand, due to which he had to go through surgery. 

Moreover, he would still have to go through some physical therapy until his shoulder is completely okay. However, the TV personality is better now and already continuing his WCVB appearances. 

What Happened to Mike Wankum’s Arm?

The cause of Mike Wankum’s arm injury is still unknown. 

His left shoulder was injured, and it was quite painful as he shared his story on Facebook. What actually caused the injury remains under review for now, though. 

He is a motorcycle enthusiast and amateur racer. So the injury might be the result of an accident. 

The most important thing is that he is well and healing and back in business. 

Mike Wankum Wife and Children: Everything on his family

Mike Wankum is a married man. His wife is a certified nurse and currently taking care of him. 

However, we don’t have any information regarding his children at the moment. He is currently residing in South Shore in Boston.

Mike Wankum inherits the Irish ethnicity from his ancestors who landed in Boston during the famine. 

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