Mikey Perk Daughter Missing – Sarah Age Twitter, Is She Found?

Mikey Perk Daughter Sarah Missing: Is  She Found?

Mikey Perk Daughter Sarah Missing: Is  She Found?

Mikey Perk daughter missing Sarah is a top notch story recently. Twitter stretches support for his daughter disappearance. Is She Found?

Mikey Perk is an American Twitch streamer. He is a well-known gamer who does a variety of streams on his Twitch channel. 

Perk is urging help after the disappearance of his daughter, Sarah, from the Franklin, Ohio, area.

Social media users are calling one another to outspread the news about Sarah’s missing. People are still wondering what actually happened to her.

Mikey Perk Daughter Sarah Missing: Is She Found?

Mikey Perk Daughter Sarah is still missing, and she is not found yet.

The shattered father shared a heart-touching post about her daughter’s disappearance on the Twitter platform.

Well, Perk has provided an update on June 27 that his daughter Sarah’s whereabouts are still missing.

And, many Ohio police departments are in constant search looking for her.

However, they have not reached any leads or traces of information surrounding her whereabouts.

Mikey revealed that his daughter Sarah went missing in the Franklin, Ohio, area.

Reports also claim that Sarah had snuck out of her home on June 25, after which her traces are out of sight.

Mikey Perk Age Revealed

Mikey Perk age seems to be in his 50s.

Judging his pictures and videos, the eminent Twitch streamer, Perk is claimed of that age.

So far now, Perk has never provided any details about his actual date of birth.

Also, his family details are still behind the radar.

Mikey Perk Twitter: Users Extend Support For Her Missing

Mikey Perk has claimed her daughter is missing on Twitter.

With a small blink of hopes on reaching her beloved daughter, the Twitch streamer has called on Twitter and YouTube communities seeking help.

Twitter warriors have supported her missing making ‘FINDSARAH’ trending.

Mikey also revealed her daughter Sarah could be around the area of Franklin, Springborough, and Middletown.

He has also provided details regarding Sarah’s physical attributes.

He revealed she is 5 feet 2 inches with brown hair and a small tattoo on her right forearm.

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