Millie Bavin: Chris Bavin Wife, Family & Net Worth

Who Is Chris Bavin Wife? Meet Millie Bavin And Family On Instagram, Everything We Know About

Who Is Chris Bavin Wife? Meet Millie Bavin And Family On Instagram, Everything We Know About

Chris Bavin, a top-rated television presenter, is married to his wife, Millie Bavin. The television presenter has presented almost 12 different television shows, according to his IMDb profile.

He is ultimately known for the famous shows – Britain In Bloom, Celebrity Best Home Cook, Britain’s Best Home Cook, Eat Well or Less? etc. Most people recognize him for presenting Celebrity Best Home Cook in 2021, but there is much more to know about his new show, which we will be discussing below. 

Millie Bavin: Chris Bavin Wife And Family

Chris Bavin is a married man, of course – he has been married to his beautiful wife, who is recognized by Millie Bavin‘s name. According to Reality Titbit, Millie is a former fashion designer who used to work in the television industry.

The couples had tied the knot a decade ago, on August 11, 2011. They have given birth to three children altogether, and the family of five resides in Surrey, England currently. 

Bavin’s Net Worth 2021 Explored

As a television presenter, Chris Bavin is expected to have quite a huge net worth. However, no reports have been revealed about his earnings, and we can only predict that his net worth is around a million. 

Chris’ Wikipedia says that his full name is actually Christopher Bavin. Moving on to his age, he was born on February 1, 1980, which means that he recently celebrated his 41st birthday. 

About The Chris Bavin New Show: Wanted A Simple Life

After presenting 11 shows, Chris Bavin has now come up with a new idea, which he will be showcasing via his new show called Wanted A Simple Life. According to the show’s bio, it’s a show where Chris gives families to think about reallocating from city to countryside and live a simpler rural life.

In fact, Bavin has already started to promote his new show on his Instagram. Currently, the show has an IMDb rating of 4/10, and there will be 9 episodes in its’ first season. 

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