Milo Golding Father And Parents

Milo Golding Father And Parents – Meet Google Doodle Winner On Instagram

Milo Golding Father And Parents – Meet Google Doodle Winner On Instagram

Milo Golding dedicated his artwork to his late father. Please continue reading to learn more about his parents.

Milo is just an 11th grader from Lexington, Kentucky. Recently, he won the U.S. 2021 Doodle For Google contest.

On June 15, Google featured his artwork on their homepage for 24 hours. His work, Finding Hope, symbolizes the strength of having hope.

Who Is Milo Golding Father? Everything On His Parents

Milo Golding father is Deeno Golding.

Reportedly, Deeno died of a heart attack when Milo was just 13 years old. He believes that his hope has helped him overcome grief.

Furthermore, his mother’s name is Yanya Yang. He has remained an obedient son to his parents.

After his father’s death, Milo runs a charity named Sanguine Path. Reportedly, he serves kids below 18 years who have lost their loved ones.

Right now, we are unsure about his exact age and birthday. However, we can claim that he is just a teen.

Currently, he attends Lexington Christian Academy (LCA). The head of the school, Dr. Scott Wells, believes that he is a special boy who helps the school be a better place.

Get To Know The Google Doodle Winner

Milo Golding is the Google Doodle winner in 2021.

Google created the annual art contest to support students. According to News Week, the competition remains open to K-12 graders.

The doodle of the winner gets featured on the homepage of Google. Interestingly, the winner is also provided with scholarships and tech packages.

In the case of Mio, he has received a $30,000 college scholarship. Additionally, his school has been awarded a $50 thousand technology package.

Meet Him On Instagram

Milo Golding seems not to be on Instagram.

However, both Google and Sundar Pichai have taken into Instagram to congratulate the young man. 

If Milo had been active on Instagram, Google and Pichai would have tagged him. So, we can confirm that he is surely not on Instagram.

Moreover, his bio is not present on Wikipedia. However, we can learn about him from LCA’s site.

Since he is from Kentucky, we can confirm his nationality as American. However, we do not know about his ethnicity.

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