Min Woo Lee Net Worth

Scottish Open: Who Are Min Woo Parents? Everything To Know

Scottish Open: Who Are Min Woo Parents? Everything To Know

Min Woo Lee just boosted his net worth after a win in Scottish Open. Learn everything about the golfer’s parents and nationality. 

Scottish Open competitor, Min Woo Lee is a professional golfer who has won the South Australian Amateur Classic in 2018.

Min Woo Lee Net Worth Explored

Woo Lee has a total net worth is around 10 Million dollars. He just pocketed $8 Million After the Scottish Open win. 

The professional gofer was also able to get his first-ever luxurious car in 2020 and he has posted a picture of his car on his Instagram profile. Min is very much focused on his career and spends very little time on extra activities or we can say that most of his time is spent in the golf field.

Meet Min Woo Lee Wife

Min does not have a wife as he is not married yet. However, he certainly has a girlfriend and the couple has been dating for more than 2 years.

As per the post on his Instagram, they started dating each other on April 15, 2019.

The couple has a very strong bond and whenever Min is not playing or is on a break, he spends some quality time with his girlfriend.

Min Woo and his partner have never been in any controversies and are in a very happy relationship with no sign of breaking up.

Min Woo Lee Parents Nationality- Where Are They From?

Golfer Woo has not disclosed the name or any information about his parents yet.

However, he has shared a photo of younger him and his mother on the occasion of mother’s day on his Instagram profile. Other than that, the name, occupation, or any other details about Min’s parents remain in the dark for now.

The professional golfer has an older sister named Minjee Lee, who is also a professional golfer. Min Woo and MinJee became the first brother/sister pair to win the USGA’s junior championship in 2016.   

Talking about Min’s nationality, he is an Australian but his ethnicity is Asian as he is from a Korean family.

The professional golfer defeated Thomas Detry and Matthew Fitzpatrick in a playoff at the Abrdn Scottish Open 2021 and earned entry into the 2021 Open Championship. 

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