Mirtha Jung George Jung Wife Age, Wikipedia And Net Worth

Who Is Mirtha Jung? Everything You Need To Know On George Jung Wife

Who Is Mirtha Jung? Everything You Need To Know On George Jung Wife

Mirtha Jung’s age may interest those who know her ex-husband George died on Wednesday. Let’s get to learn about her.

Mirtha Jung is the ex-wife of former drug smuggler George Jung. Many people know her through the movie Blow.

Mirtha Jung Age: How Old Is She?

Mirtha Jung’s age has reached 68 years old.

The lady was born on the 3rd of December 1952. She is Cuban by origin, but she has an American nationality.

Mirtha and George’s age gap is of 10 years. George died 78 years old, being born in August 1942.

Is Mirtha Jung on Wikipedia?

Jung’s Wikipedia biography is yet to be written.

Mirtha has now become a writer and businesswoman. She pursued the path after being released from prison. She was jailed in charge of assisting her ex-husband, George, in drug trafficking.

The biopic Blow brought her to the limelight in 2001. The film depicted the biography and story of George, her drug smuggler ex-husband. In the movie, Penelope Cruz plays her role.

Notably, Johnny Depp appeared as George in the movie.

Mirtha Jung George Jung Ex-Wife 

Mirtha Jung became George Jung’s Wife in 1977.

The couple had a relationship for a couple of years before they married. They had met each other through their drug dealer friends. Mirtha was 24 years old when she married George.

Mirtha and George had a beautiful daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung. She was born on August 1, 1978. However, Mirtha and George’s marriage could not last long as they divorced in 1984.

George married Ronda Clay Spinelli after leaving Mirtha. However, Mirtha’s relationship status after the divorce from George is unknown.

Both of them were arrested together for drug trafficking. Some reports suggest Mirtha used drugs by herself. But she is a clean lady now.

What is Her Net Worth?

Mirtha’s net worth is around $1 million.

She made quite a fortune from drug smuggling in those days. However, she is an entrepreneur now and has left all the illegal activities.

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