missypwns Real Name, Age, Reddit And Instagram Bio

Who is missypwns on Twitch? Real Name And 10 Facts

Who is missypwns on Twitch? Real Name And 10 Facts

missypwns is a German Twitch star. missypwns has been into gaming for a very long time. missypwns usually plays World of Warcraft and she used to play League of Legends. missypwns also works as a model and her work can be seen on her Instagram accounts.

She loves to chat with her followers on stream. missypwns calls herself a nerd raging crazy girl on her Twitch. missypwns enjoys spending time with her dogs and entertaining and socializing with her followers.

Quick Facts: Who is missypwns on Twitch? Real Name And 10 Facts

Name missypwns
Birthday December 7, 1991
Age 29
Gender Female
Nationality German
Profession Twitch Star
Instagram @missypwns
Twitter @MissyPwns

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About missypwns 

  1. missypwns was born on December 7, 1991. Her present age is 29 years. missypwns’s zodiac sign is Sagitarrius.
  2. Her real name is Missy. She was born and raised in Germany. missypwns’s nationality is German and her ethnicity is Caucasian.
  3. missypwns has two Instagram accounts. Her personal Instagram account has 106k followers whereas her other Instagram account has 516k followers. Both her Instagram bio says she streams on Twitch.
  4. missypwns has been active on Twitter since July 2014. She has 39.5k followers on the platform. missypwns mainly promotes her Patreon on Twitter. missypwns has over 6.9k tweets so far.
  5. She is a Twitch star with over 391k followers. missypwns usually plays World of Warcraft on Twitch. She also likes to spend time and chat with her followers on the platform.
  6. missypwns has a huge fanbase on Reddit. Many of her pictures are present on Reddit.
  7. The Twitch Star does not have a Wikipedia dedicated to her yet. missypwns has few Wiki-bio pages about her.
  8. She has 3 dogs. All of them are Shiba Inu and their names are Cateleya, Azumi, and Odin. They often make an appearance when she is streaming.
  9. missypwns does not have an onlyfans. She has a Patreon page where her viewers can see her content based on monthly subscriptions.
  10. She works as a model besides streaming on Twitch. missypwns sometimes volunteers at the home care as a nurse.

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