Mohammad Anwar Family Wife Age And Ethnicity- Full Video Released

Mohammad Anwar Family Details And Full Video Released

Mohammad Anwar Family Details And Full Video Released

Mohammad Anwar unexpected death led his family into grief. His obituary news has become the headline in daily magazines and news channels. 

Mohammad Anwar, who is living in the US, was murdered in Washington D.C. on Saturday, March 28, 2021. The two teenage girls armed him with a taser and sped off in his car as he was hanging in the door trying to get out.

According to NDTV, he used to work as a food delivery person. The touching incident was captured in a video.

Moreover, he was an honest, hardworking, and decent man who is the only support of his family. The viewers have shown their anger and frustration to the teenage girls who murdered Anwar.

Whatsoever, he was a real hero who was fighting against the carjackers till his last breath. 

Mohammad Anwar Wife And Family Background 

Mohammad Anwar’s wife and children’s details are still unclear. 

No doubt, he is a caring husband, supportive father, and overall, a loyal and kindhearted person. He migrated to the US in 2014, reported by USA Today.    

GoFundMe collected more than 500,000 dollars in three days. The victim’s family is having a hard time right now. The small help can solve their financial crisis after Anwar’s death.

Mohammad Anwar Age And Ethnicity

Mohammad Anwar’s age is 66 years at the time of his death. 

Meanwhile, he is American by nationality, and his ethnicity is Pakistani-American. 

Furthermore, Anwar is not a celebrity. Thus he has no biography on Wikipedia. He is an American citizen who works day and night for his family.  

Anwar Murder Full Video Released

Mohammad Anwar’s murdered footage/ video has been circulated on social media.

The video has been played million times on Twitter. You can see the waves of the anger of the citizens regarding his murdering footage. The reaction of the viewers and his well-wishers can be clearly seen on social media. 

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