Monroe Christine Lewis Age, Birthday, Parents, Instagram

Monroe Christine Lewis

Monroe Christine Lewis

Monroe Christine Lewis, a popular figure or can be called a child celebrity has been facing some problems with her parents. Her bisexual parents, Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward got separated after spending 10 years of their life together.

Name Monroe Christine Lewis
Birthday October 25, 2016
Age 3 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward
Siblings N/A

The couple had a serious time giving birth to their only child Monroe which is why even after their separation, both want to keep the hold of their daughter. It is very obvious – every parent loves his/her child and the same is the case with these two.

According to Gage‘s Instagram story, he has been taking care of Monroe as a single father right now. But, this doesn’t mean that Jeff has kept shut. He has also demanded his right calling that Monroe is his biological child and he should have the complete right of her. 

10 Facts About Monroe Christine Lewis:

  1. Learning all about Monroe Christine Lewis is quite confusing and really complicated as she has been seeing the battle of her two parents. 
  2. With the help of surrogation, Monroe Christine Lewis was born on October 25, 2016, and now, she is just three years of age.
  3. It’s great news for the world that this popular personality is now reaching 4 years old when she will celebrate her birthday on October 25 this year.
  4. Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are considered to be her biological parents.
  5. As you guessed it, there is no Instagram account under her name but we can see her photos all over this popular social media.
  6. Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward‘s daughter who is 3 years old has been spending time with one of her parents Gage right now but both of her parents are fighting a case to keep her.
  7. Her seventh fact among the 10 facts is that she has a grandfather who’s name is Tom Lewis.
  8. If we talk about the profession of her parents, Jeff is an interior designer while Gage is a television actor. 
  9. Born and raised in the United States, Monroe is also an American just like her parents.
  10. Born to bisexual parents, she is probably straight as far as we know.

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