Montana Fouts Father and Mother Name: Meet Her Parents

Meet Montana Fouts Parents: Who Are Her Father And Mother?

Meet Montana Fouts Parents: Who Are Her Father And Mother?

Montana Fouts is very close to her mother and her father. If you want to find out all the details about her parents then read the full article below.

Montana Fouts is an American All-American softball player who plays for the Alabama Crimson Tide. She is also the two-time winner of Kentucky Gatorade player of the year.

Montana Fouts attended East Carter High School in Grayson Kentucky and was the college team leader in her college.

On June 4, 2021, in the second round of the Women’s College Round Series Fouts pitched the fifth perfect game.

She is really great in the fields and has played more than 25 professional matches.

In her sports career, she has won different titles like WBSC U-19 Women’s Softball WorldcupGold Medalist, and International Bronze Medalist.

Montana Fouts Parents: Who are They?

Montana Fouts was born to mother Stephanie Williams and father Tim Fouts.

She was born on June 4, 2000. She moved from Virginia to Grayson when she was young as her mother got remarried.

21-year-old softball pitcher Montana Fouts loves sending time with her mother and father. She loves both of them very much.

They do not live together and Montana Fouts lives with her mom Stephanie Williams.

Various pictures and posts about her family can be seen in her official Instagram account under the name @mfouts14.

Where is She from?

Montana Fouts is from Charleston West Virginia. 

She moved to Grayson when she was just 12 years old.

She started her schooling and college in Grayson. Her school name is East Carter High school which is located in Kentucky.

She developed her interest and training for the softball game during her college time.

She excelled, especially in pitching.

Montana Fouts Family: Who Are Her Siblings?

Montana Fouts has two sisters and one brother in her family. 

She is the eldest daughter of her parents. Her two sisters’ names are Madison Fouts and Makayla Williams.

Her brother’s name is Cody Fouts.

Other details about her family aren’t available but looking at her posts and trips it is clear that she loves her family very much.

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