Montanna Geyer Age, Boyfriend, Instagram, Tape, Reddit: Mark Geyer Daughter

Montanna Geyer Age, Boyfriend, Instagram: Everything On Mark Geyer Daughter

Montanna Geyer Age, Boyfriend, Instagram: Everything On Mark Geyer Daughter

Montanna Geyer is best known as the troubled daughter of Rugby icon Mark Geyer. She won the defamation case against a Facebook troll who claimed she was featured in a s*x-tape with a footy player. 

The accused in question is The NRL Memes Facebook page admin who wrongly claimed that Montanna Geyer was the woman in the leaked private video featuring Tyrone May and an unknown woman. Even her brother called the admin out and told him to take the claims down. 

Name Montanna Geyer
Age 24
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Parents Mark Geyer
Married/Single Single
Instagram montannageyer

10 Facts About Montanna Geyer

  1. Montanna Geyer is 24 years old as of November 2020 according to the DailyMail. She was born somewhere around 1996. 
  2. She has not revealed information about her boyfriend or relationships in the media. She has remained secretive when it comes to her personal life and affairs. 
  3. Montanna Geyer’s Instagram account is private, however, she has been featured multiple times on her father’s Instagram account which has more than 33.2 k followers. 
  4. Geyer recently made the news after winning her defamation case against NRL Memes page and their admin, Fouad Ghosn, who falsely claimed that she was the woman in the sex tape with Tyrone May. She sued Ghosn and told him to take the video and the claim down. 
  5. The tape circulated around the internet on Reddit where a huge number of people saw the Tyrone May video. 
  6. Other than the incident, Montanna is known as the daughter of rugby legend Mark Geyer, her father has become a rugby columnist and a writer after his retirement. 
  7. He still remains active in the rugby community and is seen on various TV shows as a commentator. 
  8. The father and daughter pair were seen exiting the court after their win and were stormed by a heap of reporters and news companies. 
  9. Tyrone May was dropped after his tape leaked online, he has since not been active in the media. 
  10. Tyrone May was suspended in March 2019 when the first tape leaked. He has pulled himself up and moved on. 

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