Moorish American Arms Flag And Nationality

Who Are Moorish American Arms? Flag And Nationality Details

Who Are Moorish American Arms? Flag And Nationality Details

Moorish American Arms have their own flag and nationality. Who are Moors? Know their origin and ethnicity.

Moorish Americans belong to the Rise of the Moors. They believe citizens are independent of a government authority.

Moorish American Arms – Who Are Moors?

Moorish American Arms or Moors are the armed members of the Rise of the Moors.

The group is the result of anti-government citizens movements that took place in the 90s. In fact, they are a group of independent individuals and similar organizations.

Moorish Americans or Moors believe they are not under the authority of the government of any sort. They are the ones controlling themselves not the state or federal governments.

Interestingly, the law enforcement authorities have labelled them to be a group that does not recognize our laws.

Eleven individuals of Moors were taken into custody in a Wakefield I-95 standoff. They were reported refueling vehicles there. Besides, they poised no threats rather than being heavily armed.

Moorish American Flag

Moorish American flag is similar to the Moroccon flag.

The Moorish flag has a rectangular banner of scarlet red color. Also, the flag consists of a star with five points in the center.

As per the description, the Moorish American flag looks more or less similar to the Moroccan flag. In fact, the authorities have labelled the flag that the Moores held at the I-95 standoff as a Moroccan flag.

Moorish flag are also imprinted in patches to the uniform they wear. In fact, the Moores have been seen wearing military style clothes with their vehicles which are like patrol cars.

How To get Moorish American Nationality?

Moorish American nationality is the identification of Moors.

Most of the Moorish Americans origin form north, south, and central part of America. In fact, the regions are also labeled as Moroccan Empire.

Interestingly, there is a blog on the Internet that guides to obtain Moorish American Citizenship. JudahSon, a Moor, claims himself the authrixes person of Moorish Nationality Card Services.

In fact, Moorish Nationality card identifies them as Aboriginal American national. The Moors do not consider them as American citizens. As a result, they do not abide by the American rules.

Also, Moorish American belong to ethnicity such as Asiatic.

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