Moose Jattana Real Name Reddit, Tiktok Age: Viral Video Instagram

Moose Jattana Tiktok Real Name: Everything On Her Viral Video

Moose Jattana Tiktok Real Name: Everything On Her Viral Video

After Moose Jattana’s viral video, people are seeking her real name. Here’s everything to know about her.

Moose Jattana is a popular social media influencer who is best known for being outspoken about women’s issues. Recently, she flew to India to participate in the Australian protests at the Singhu border.

What Is Moose Jattana Real Name?

If you are confused about Moose Jattana’s real name, you do not need to be. This is because her actual name remains Moose Jattana, but her nickname is Moose Wali.


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She claims that she faces physical abuse on the internet every single day. After two years, she went back to her hometown to support the farmers protesting against the Centre’s farm laws.

Moose Jattana Viral Video On Reddit

Moose Jattana’s video went viral on the internet. If you haven’t watched that yet, you can find it on Reddit, but make sure you are 18+ before opening this link.

The video that got leaked has disturbed her personal life. Many believe that her video got leaked from OnlyFans, but we have failed to find her account there.

Meet Her On TikTok

Moose Jattana is popularly known as a TikTok star. Under the username of @moosewali, she has earned over 298.7 thousand followers.

Her videos on TikTok have successfully surpassed 7 million likes. Despite living in Australia, Indian Express claims that she has Punjabi roots. In fact, we had come to know that she was just 13 years old when she migrated to Australia.

Her Age Revealed

Moose Jattana’s current age is just 19 years.

She was reportedly born on October 15, 2001.

She is going to celebrate her 20th birthday this year. According to Moose’s bio, she has been heavily involved in volunteering activities in Melbourne, Australia.

Is She On Instagram?

Moose Jattana was formerly known as an Instagram star whose account was under the username of @moosejattana.

After her video went viral, her account seems to have been deleted. We can only find her on Twitter currently – she has 15.8 thousand followers under the username of @MooseJattana.

Well, Moose has never spoken about her boyfriend. So, we believe that she is single.

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