Morten Versvik Kahoot Wikipedia, Age, Wife And Net Worth

Who Invented Kahoot? Get To Know Morten Versvik Net Worth And Family

Who Invented Kahoot? Get To Know Morten Versvik Net Worth And Family

Morten Versvik is the founder and CTO of the game-based learning app, Kahoot! The Norwegian businessman started the company in 2013 and it currently has over $500 million worth of stocks. 

To people who do not know, Kahoot is a game-based learning platform. It consists of a lot of quizzes that are designed like a game. You won’t need any subscription to play those quizzes but one needs a subscription to create their own quiz. 

Quick Facts: Who Invented Kahoot? Get To Know Morten Versvik Net Worth And Family

Name Morten Versvik
Gender Male
Nationality Norwegian
Profession Businessman
Twitter @getkahoot

Born and raised in Norway, Morten Versvik first founded his company in Oslo, Norway. But now, it has branches in different parts of the world like London and Austin. The app is supposed to have more than 60 million users monthly. 

Here are a few facts to know about him.

10 Facts on Morten Versvik

  1. Morten Versvik is a Norwegian businessman and entrepreneur who is best known for founding the app, Kahoot. 
  2. Even though he is a successful businessman, Morten Versvik doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography at the moment. 
  3. A low-profile keeper, Morten Versvik has not shared his age and birthday until now. 
  4. Neither has he talked about his wife and family. Morten Versvik’s marital life remains a mystery for now.
  5. However, Morten Versvik has earned a great deal of money through Kahoot. As per the market screener, Morten Versvik has a net worth of around $150 Million. 
  6. Moreover, his nationality is Norwegian. He was born and raised in Oslo. 
  7. The businessman started his company in Oslo. As of now, it has branches in London and Austin. 
  8. Looking at his photos, Morten stands quite tall. His skin tone is white and he has brown hair. 
  9. However, we are not able to track down his monthly salary and the facts about his children. 
  10. Morten Versvik is the current CTO of Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform for kids. 

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