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Moudi Tajjour Net Worth: Is The Former Nomads President Engaged?

Moudi Tajjour Net Worth: Is The Former Nomads President Engaged?

Former biker Moudi Tajjour who took on as the President of the Nomads OMCG in 2018 is now engaged. But, do you know who he is engaged to? The former Nomad President hired a mysterious brunette as his manager with whom he later engaged to.

Name Moudi Tajjour
Age 36 years old
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Profession Cafe Owner
Married/Single Engaged
Divorce Yes
Instagram cant__fight__fate

His now fiance lost her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Moudi was kind enough to offer her a job. Later he fell in love with her and got engaged to her. Moudi has decided not to reveal the identity of his new fiance. 

His previous relationship ended due to extensive media scrutiny. It seems obvious why he is trying to keep his fiance out of the spotlight. Find out some detail about his new fiance, net worth, engagement, nationality, age here.

10 Facts on Moudi Tajjour

  1. Moudi Tajjour is a former biker who is famous as the former president of Nomads motorcycle gang. Nomads motorcycle and is an outlaw motorcycle crew.
  2. The detail about Moudi’s birthday is not published. As of per sources, Moudi Tajjour is now 36 years of age.
  3. He has a brother named Sleiman Tajjour. His brother is serving jail time and is a former National President of Nomads gang.
  4. Meanwhile, the identity of his father and mother is not public.
  5. Moudi has lived his life under excessive media scrutiny which has led to the disruption of his several relationships.
  6. At present, he is engaged to a 23 years old lady. This means his fiance is 13 years younger than Moudi Tajjour. 
  7. Moudi Tajjour met his fiance three months prior to his engagement which took place in October 2020. His fiance became jobless due to COVID-19 and Moudi offered her job as a manager at his Western Sydney cafe.
  8. Moudi Tajjour owns several cafes in Western Sydney. The exact detail of his net worth and annual earning is not public.
  9. You can find the former Nomads President on Instagram. He is active on Instagram as @cant__fight__fate. His Insta account has 52k followers.
  10. In 2018, Moudi shared he married a woman from Syria during his trip to Lebanon in 2018. His marriage to a Syrian girl didn’t last long.

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