Musical Artist Junkie Kid Age, Real Name, Wikipedia, Instagram, and Net Worth

Junkie Kid

Junkie Kid

Junkie Kid is a musical artist, producer, and DJ. He is the founder of the famous record label named “Harsh Records”. Similarly, he is associated with artists like KAYZO and Dirtcaps. 

Junkie Kid is known for his “Neo-Hard House” electronic music style. In fact, he has released 3 official albums to date. Furthermore, his hit songs include Claps Up, Deliver, and Raven.

Quick Facts: Junkie Kid

Name Junkie Kid
Gender Male
Nationality Mexican
Profession Musical Artist
Husband Single
Instagram junkiekid

10 Facts On Junkie Kid 

  1. Junkie Kid is a musical artist and DJ. He is mainly popular among modern Electronic music fans. Likewise, his song “Claps Up” can be heard in every club. 
  2. The musician hails from the Mexican city of  Acapulco. Similarly, he lived in Spain for 10 years. Now, he travels around the world with his music.  
  3. Junkie Kid looks like he is around the age of late 20’s. However, his exact birth date and zodiac sign are not disclosed publically. 
  4. Though he is popular as Junkie Kid, his real name is still a mystery. Besides, the Wikipedia profile for Junkie Kid is not written. 
  5. Junkie is very busy in his career right now. This explains his absence from dating life and girlfriend gossips. 
  6. You can find Junkie Kid on Instagram as @junkiekid. Likewise, his verified IG handle has attracted 37.3k followers to date. Moreover, his Twitter Id is @Junkiekidmusic. 
  7. The musician is busy these days with album releases and concerts. Therefore, it is no doubt that Junkie Kid’s Net Worth is soaring in 2021. However, the actual numbers of his fortune are yet to be calculated. 
  8. Junkie Kid is a modest man with a simple style. He has a couple of tattoos on the body. Furthermore, the musician stands at a tall-looking height.
  9. The DJ started making music when he was only 16 years old. At first, he was interested in techno and hardstyle music. Similarly, he later found his own style called “Neo-Hard House”.
  10. Junkie Kid is the founder of Harsh Records. In the same way, he has worked with artists like KAYZO, Dirtcaps, and 4B. 

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