Mutuals Meaning On TikTok Explained: What Does Mutuals Mean?

Mutuals Meaning On TikTok Explained: What Does Mutuals Mean?

Mutuals Meaning On TikTok Explained: What Does Mutuals Mean?

Mutuals are just internet friends who understand each other. With social media being more and used, they have infiltrated our pop culture and now our dictionary.If you follow some person on the internet and follow you back, you guys are mutual if you appreciate each other.


if you 💗 lana del rey then I 💗 you ##lanadelrey ##lanadelreysdaughterr ##lanastan ##lanastans ##lanamutuals ##mutuals

♬ Dark Paradise – Parov Stelar Remix – Lana Del Rey

Mutuals Meaning on TikTok Explained

Mutuals on TikTok and other social media is a word that means “friends”. However, if you are mutual, it’s generally considered that most of your interactions happen online. In texting and other places as well, mutual means the same thing.

It is a slang term to say, internet friend. The Holy one prerequisite to be mutual is that you guys must appreciate each other’s presence on the internet. On Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, the meaning of mutual is the same.

What Does Mutuals Mean? 

Urban Dictionary also says the same thing. Mutuals equal internet friends who you appreciate. As we establish our digital presence more and more, there is a high chance that you communicate with a lot of mutuals.


if ur a mutual yk what i’m talking abt ##fyp ##mutuals ##spongebob

♬ Are you sure about that – MrMeme101

It also means that you don’t know the mutual quite well because you have never hung out with them. It’s a cool way to say “some people who could be your friends”.

#Mutuals Videos On TikTok

There is a total of 94.4 million views on videos that have used the “#mutuals” hashtag. So, we can say that this trend is pretty famous. Some of the videos are funny, some are weird, and some are incoherent as well.

It looks like people are going to invent more slang and people will just go on with it. People are making memes using this hashtag. At the end of the day, words are meant for communication and this slang is pretty great for that.

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