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Where Is 1999 London Nail Bomber David Copeland Today? Here’s An Update

Where Is 1999 London Nail Bomber David Copeland Today? Here’s An Update

David Copeland is the 1999 London Nail Bomber. Where is he now? Let us know about his case update.

David is a convicted bomber. He has been in jail since 1999 for carrying out the three London bombings.

Where is David Copeland Now? Case Update

David Copeland is now serving his 50 years of imprisonment.

In fact, Copeland was convicted on three counts of murder in June 2000. He was given six life sentences after found guilty of planting bombs in London.

Notably, David was first taken to the high-security Broadmoor Hospital. Then, he was sent to HM Prison Belmarsh in 2004.

The High Court had announced in 2007 that Copeland should be in jail for at least 50 years.

Furthermore, he received additional three years in prison for assaulting a fellow prisoner. In fact, he had attacked with a toothbrush equipped with razor blades resulting in an injury.

Recently, a documentary named Nail Bomber: Manhunt was released on Netflix. It covers the incident during the 1999 London bombings. Colin Barr is the creator of the film.

David Copeland The Nail Bomber: Is He on Wikipedia?

David Copeland, the 1999 Nail Bomber is featured on a Wikipedia page about the 1999 London nail bombings.

Homemade nail bombs were detonated in Brixton, Brick Lane, and The Admiral Duncan pub. The incidents took place on three successive weekends between 17 and 30 April 1999.

As a matter of fact, three people which included a pregnant woman died because of the bombings. Moreover, it injured 140 people with four of them losing their limbs.

Interestingly, Copeland was a Neo-Nazi militant. Besides, he was formerly a member of the political groups, the British National Party, and the National Socialist Movement.

Notably, David has never mentioned anyone working with him. Also, his motive for the act of terror was the desire to spread fear and start a race war.

David Copeland Age and Religion: Is He Muslim?

About David Copeland’s age, he is 45 years old now.

He was born in Hanworth. His father was an engineer and his mother a housewife. Also, he had two brothers.

The Sun reports he converted to Islam religion in 2021.

Who is David Copeland Wife?

There is no information about David’s wife.

He was 22 years old when he committed the crime in 1999. Thus, he may not be married

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