Naked and Afraid XL Season 7 Release Date, Cast, New Season

Naked and Afraid XL Season 7 Release Date, Cast, New Season

Naked and Afraid XL Season 7 Release Date, Cast, New Season

Naked and Afraid XL just completed its sixth season in August 02, 2020, and the viewers are already curious and excited for season 7 of this series on Discovery channel, “Naked and Afraid XL”. This series involves a group of survivalists and they have to survive in the harsh wilderness for 40 days.

It is a spinoff of the series “Naked and Afraid” which involved only two people instead of a group and they had to survive for just 20 days, not 40 days.

This spinoff series requires even tougher competitors as survivalists and many of them tap out when they cannot handle the harsh environmental conditions.

Watching these survivalists who willingly put themselves into this ordeal is something that makes viewers appreciate their braveness and to learn something if in any case, we end up in the wilderness. Therefore it explains the popularity of the show.

So, what is the status of the production of Season 7 of this popular TV series on Discovery? Here is everything we know about the next season of Naked and Afraid XL.

Naked and Afraid XL Season 7: Release Date

The Naked and Afraid XL season 6 was a definite hit. The main thing to keep in mind to know whether a series will renew its new season or the show gets canceled is through the ratings of the latest released season. And seeing the high ratings of this season also, it is obvious that the chances for season 7 to be renewed is high.

However, it takes some time after the ending of the series to start with the shooting and production of the new season. That being said, because of the COVID-19 situation in this year 2020, it might take longer than usual to start the filming process.

Seeing at the current scenario of this pandemic, it seems that the process cannot be started even after a few months. This leads us to think that season 7 of Naked and Afraid XLwill not be premiered before April 2021.

Naked and Afraid XL Season 7: Cast

In these times, many of us are sitting in our homes trying to stay safe and survive this pandemic, so by the time the casts appear for the Naked and Afraid XL season 7, they would have already been a survivalist in a sense.

But enough of the chat and let’s move on to the casts of the season 7 of Naked and afraid XL. The participants for the next season of Naked and Afraid XL are not announced yet so it is difficult to say who is gonna be in the show.

Just like what happened in the other seasons, some of the participants from the previous season might also reappear on the next season. But as of now, we are just waiting for official information about the casts in the upcoming season.

What will the New Season be about?

The basic theme of the show would surely be followed in the next season as well which is to test the strength of the group of people as they try to survive in the wilderness for 40 days and try not to tap out from mental or physical difficulty.

The best twist that came up in the six-season was the process of elimination. Those people who could not go the extra mile and stay lazy, they can be eliminated by others.

Now it is not just the contestant and their not-giving-up spirit but the others’ support is also a challenge. For example, you cannot just depend on only one person for the hunt, all the people should devote equally for their survival. So, we expect that this twist would remain in the next season as well.

Similarly, a new theme and twist must be there for the new season also which is not revealed yet.

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