Names, Nationality, Where Are They From

World of Dance Geometrie Variable Duels: Names, Nationality, Where Are They From?

World of Dance Geometrie Variable Duels: Names, Nationality, Where Are They From?

Geometrie Variable became a sensation all over the world due to their performances on the Got Talent series and recently in the World of Dance. 

Due to their global popularity, the members also became stars. After their performances and progress on the shows, they became global superstars. The French group also has members who are beloved by fans and judges alike.

Who Are The Members Of Geometrie Variable?

Sadeck Waff Berrabah, Kanon Ghetto-Style, Bouzid Ait-Atmane, and Ammar Benbouzid are the members of the dance group.

As per NBC, the ages of the members is in between 29-31 years old. They are operating out of Montpellier/Lille, France.

Sadeck Waff Berrabah: Age, Background, Daughter, Married

The creator and leader of the dance group is around 30 years old in 2020 as per WAM. He was born in the south of France and grew up in Forbach.  

He started the group as a way to join his two passions of drawing and dancing. 

Waff is married and has a daughter named Neylia along with a toddler. She has been featured in many of his videos including the Geometrie Variable no 2. He used to be in another group Very Bad Team on Arab’s Got Talent and got to the finals. 

Kanon Ghetto-Style

Kanon is another member of the group and the founder of Ghetto-Styles. He is from France and has African heritage. 

While he has not revealed his exact age, he is around 30 years old as per estimates from his multiple online sources. 

He also has his own unique style of dance that has made him a famous star. The dancer is a b-boying and hip-hop dance expert in the group who are already very talented themselves. 

He brings the traditional hip-hop dance that is famous in the ghettos and adding the modern twist to it. 

Bouzid Ait-Atmane

This dancer is famous for his locking and popping abilities and is the winner of several dance competitions.

He dances for the Côté Corps company, choreographed by Mélanie Sulmona, in the pieces Territoires (2012) and Rêves sans Gravity (2011) and Urban Beings (2013), as well as for the company Sens’As (choreographer Emmanuel Oponga) with Terres Inconnues (2010), and the SLU Collective (Emmanuel Oponga and Loïc Riou) with Illusions (2010).

Apart from this, he is also a prominent part of Geometrie Variable and the co-director of the Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne.

The dancer who appears to be in his early 30s has an Instagram account that he left on May 14 taking a short 3 month hiatus. 

He is a French national and works in the country as a choreographer and dancer. His technical prowess as a dancer has won him nay solo competitions and also made his dance group a prominent contender. 

Ammar Benbouzid

Benbouzid is a member who is rising in prominence within the group. He is an upcoming dancer and is around 31 years old as per some tabloids. 

He is the dance partner to the leader and creator of Geometrie Variable and his daughter in their project apart from the main dance group. According to leader Sadeck himself, he is not as popular as the other members but is extremely talented and will come into prominence soon. 

Ammar also lives in France and has Middle Eastern ethnicity. He is also a close friend of Sadeck. He has been praised by various dance critics all over the world.

Benbouzid, who is affectionately called Zid, is a relatively new member to the group but his performance in the group adhered to their progress on the World of Dance. 

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