Ned Beatty Ex Wife Age, Net Worth And Family

Ned Beatty Ex-Wife Belinda Beatty And Family: Where Is She Now

Ned Beatty Ex-Wife Belinda Beatty And Family: Where Is She Now

Belinda Beatty is Ned Betty’s former wife. Her age and other details have piqued the public interest amid Ned’s death.

Mrs. Beatty is a former actress based in the United States. And, she is best known for being the ex-wife of Ned Beatty.

Ned Beatty was an Emmy Awards nominated actor.

Similarly, some of Belinda’s famous roles were seen in movies like Deliverance, Murder, She Wrote, Exorcist II, and many more.

Belinda Beatty: Ned Beatty Ex-Wife

Belinda Beatty, Ned Beatty’s ex wife is saddened by his death.

She was his second wife.

The couple got married in the year 1941.

However, things did not go well between the pair and they divorced in 1979.

Belinda Beatty Age: How Old?

Belinda Beatty’s age must be in the late-70s.

Though the details on her exact age and date of birth are unavailable, we guessed her age on the basis of her ex-husband’s age.

Her ex-husband, Ned Beatty was in his early 80s when he died.

Similarly, as per her mini-bio on IMDB, her birth name is Belinha Putnam Rowley.

Her Net Worth

Belinda Beatty’s net is off the record.

Her earning were pretty good when she was an actress.

However, as of now too, we hope her earning are adequate and she has a pleasant life.

Belinda Children And Family Explored

Belinda Beatty has 2 children with Ned Beatty.

Her family was her children after she divorced Ned.

Betty has a daughter named Blossom Beatty Pidduck and a son named Jon Beatty.

Her son Jon is an actor and director.

Where Is She Now?

Belinda’s whereabouts are off the record now.

As the actress preferred to remain away from the media, we don’t know where she is.

Nonetheless, we can be confident that she has been leading an independent life somewhere in the United States.

Ned Beatty: How Did He Die?

Ned Beatty died on Sunday, 13th June 2021.

His death obituary was released after his management team confirmed his death.

The cause of his death is revealed to be due to natural causes.

Similarly, he is said to have died in peace in presence of his loved one.

As per The U.S. Sun, Ned Beatty’s age was 83 years when he died.


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