Nel-Mare Oosthuizen Louis Oosthuizen Wife Age, Net Worth And Children

Nel-Mare Oosthuizen Louis Oosthuizen Wife: Everything To Know About Her

Nel-Mare Oosthuizen Louis Oosthuizen Wife: Everything To Know About Her

Louis Oosthuizen met her wife Nel Mare at a young age. They both have known each other for a long time and dated many years before getting married. Learn more about Nel-Mare Oosthuizen.

Nel-Mare was known as Nel de Mare before marriage.

Her name is a combination of her surname and her maiden name with a hyphen, Nel-Mare.

Her first name Nel is shortened version of Cornelia in many languages as Dutch, German, English, Italian, etc.

Mare is also said as de mare; it’s a Germanic word Mari meaning famous in English.

Nel-Mare was born in 1983. Her exact birthdate is not known.

She was raised on a farm in Groendel. The nearest City was at a 400-kilometer distance, Bloemfontein.

Nel-Mare Oosthuizen Husband: Children

Nel-Mare Oosthuizen’s husband is Louis Oosthuizen.

They both met each other at a young age and got married in Louis’s hometown.

Nel-Mare and Louis got married in Mossel Bay in 2007.

The couple has three beautiful children together, Jana, Sophia, and Emma.

Jana was born in 2010, Sophia was born two years later, Jana in 2012, and Emma was born in 2013.

The family currently lives in texas but pay often visits South Africa.

What is Her Net Worth?

Nel-Mare Oosthuizen Net Worth is yet to know.

Her salary job is all under review.

She, with her husband, owns a wine company, farms, and restaurant in South Africa.

Their net worth is around $30 million.

Louis57 is the wine manufactured by Oosthuizen.

It is popular in South Africa.

Find Her On Instagram

Nel-Mare Oosthuizen Instagram is available.

Her username is @neloosthuizen. 

She has posted many pictures and thoughts. Nel-mare also gives tips on healthy food.

Nel-Mare has 451 posts to date. With 1201 followers.

Her bio says Mom | Travel | Wife | Blessed | Faith 💕 🍩⭐️ FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach.

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