Neslie Ricasa Teeth – Joey Chestnut Wife Net Worth And Family Life

Neslie Ricasa: Joey Chestnut Wife Is Also A Competitive Eater

Neslie Ricasa: Joey Chestnut Wife Is Also A Competitive Eater

Neslie Ricasa teeth made quite a scene after she won Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. 

Ricasa is a competitive eater. She is also recognized for being the former partner of eating champ Joey Chestnut.

Who Is Neslie Ricasa?

Neslie Ricasa is an American competitive eater.

Ricasa mainly competes in hot dog eating competitions. On the other hand, she has featured in eating competitions involving other foods too.

Interestingly, Neslie got some attention in 2013 when she ate 14 hot dogs and buns. In fact, she was competing on a big stage at Coney. Also, that had been her personal best.

Similarly, Ricasa ate 59 dumplings within 10 minutes at the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship. The 2013 competition was one of her memorable stints that do not involve eating hot dogs.

Besides, we have no clue whether Neslie still takes part in the eating contests.

What Happened To Neslie Ricasa Teeth?

Neslie Ricasa’s teeth were all messed up with meat and stuff which made quite a scene.

She won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Independence Day 2021. 

Is Neslie Ricasa Joey Chestnut Wife?

Neslie Ricasa is not Joey Chestnut’s wife.

Actually, Ricasa and Joey never had a wedding. The two had engaged in 2014 after Joey proposed during a competition. Besides, they were dating each other for around three years.

But Neslie could not be Joey’s wife. The competitive eater couple separated in 2015 just nine months after sharing the rings.

Interestingly, Joey and Neslie had contested together at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2014. They devoured 71 hot dogs setting the record for over six years.

Chestnut still competes in eating and he is ranked first by Major League Eating. The Kentucky native holds the world record of eating 75 HDB in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Neslie Ricasa Family Life and Age

Neslie Ricasa shares family life with her husband Drew Ely.

Besides, Ricasa has two children with her life partner. The two married in August 2019 as per her Facebook profile.

Talking about Ricasa’s age, she is 33 years old now.

Actually, she will be celebrating her 34th birthday on July 27 this year. Also, she belongs to the Asian American ethnicity. 

Neslie was born in California, US to parents of Philipino origin.

Neslie Ricasa Net Worth

Neslie Ricasa’s net worth is yet to be explored.

The competitive eater has not disclosed her earning details yet.

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