Net Worth, Wiki, House, And Family Facts To Know

Peter Alliss Cause Of Death: Net Worth, Wiki, House, And Family Facts To Know

Peter Alliss Cause Of Death: Net Worth, Wiki, House, And Family Facts To Know

Peter Alliss was a very popular BBC golf commentator who died on December 5, 2020. How did Peter Alliss die? Peter Alliss’s cause of death has not yet been revealed but he had been suffering from poor health conditions for quite a while which is probably the main reason for his death. How old was he? When Peter Alliss breathe for the final time, he was already 89 years old. 

Name Peter Alliss
Birthday February 28, 1931
Age 89 years (died on December 5, 2020)
Gender Male
Nationality English
Profession Golf Player, Commentator, Television Presenter, Author, Golf Course Designer
Parents Percy Alliss
Net Worth $1.4 million
Married/Single Married
Wife Jackie Aliss (m. 1972), Joan McGuinness (m. 1953)
Children Simon Aliss, Sara Alliss, Gary Aliss, Victoria Alliss, Henry Aliss, Carol Alliss
Divorce 1969

Apart from being a commentator, he was also a professional golf player who had played from 1947 until the year 1975 winning 31 times. Also, he was widely recognized for being a television presenter, author, and golf course designer. After the death of Henry Longhurst, people started to recognize him as the ‘Voice of Golf’.

10 Facts on Peter Alliss:

  1. Talking about Peter Allis’s family at first, he was the son of Percy Alliss, the late professional golf player.
  2. Even though he was born in Berlin, Germany, his nationality is usually termed to be English. 
  3. According to Percy Alliss’s bio on his official Wikipedia page, he had played for a total of 8 Ryder Cup teams and had managed to secure 10 wins, 15 losses, and 5 halved matches. 
  4. Moreover, it seems that he never used any social media accounts when he was alive. 
  5. Speaking about Peter Allis’s love life, he was married to his wife Jackie Aliss in the year 1972. 
  6. Before Jackie, he was married to Joan McGuinness in the year 1953 but the couple got divorced in 1969. 
  7. As per official reports, we have found out that Peter Allis had an estimated net worth of nearly $1.4 million before he passed away.
  8. Moving on to his children, he shares two children with his first wife Joan Gary Allis and Carol Allis. And, he shared a total of four children with his second wife Jackie Victoria Allis, Sara Allis, Simon Allis, and Henry Allis
  9. Coming to his date of birth, he was born on February 28, 1931. 
  10. Furthermore, he had been working as a broadcaster and commentator since the year 1961 which means that he served for almost 60 years. 

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