New York In September TikTok Trend Explained, How To Do This Challenge?

What Is New York In September TikTok Trend: How To Do This Challenge?

What Is New York In September TikTok Trend: How To Do This Challenge?

New York In September is a new Tiktok trend that’s as New York thing as Knicks. Apparently, this trend is about people being rude and fighting in supermarkets and which better place than New York to be associated with that.

TikTok is no stranger to trends because trends keep happening one after another. So, definitely some trends are going to be better than some other trends. I actually like the trend and find it hilarious.


##greenscreen how can people not need both I’ll never comprehend ##newyorkinseptember ##snack ##fyp

♬ New York Summer – Louisa Melcher

Supermarkets can be exhausting because there are other people there and all I am saying is that one can get annoyed really fast in supermarkets. That’s why this trend has been liked and viewed so many times- it is relatable. Even though some people aren’t in New York, they can enjoy these videos if they have even once set foot in the supermarket.

New York In September Tiktok Trend Explained

New York In September carries a special meaning and a very dark one. I am, of course, referring to the 9/11 attack on the Twin Tower in New York. But, before saying anything else, let me assure you that this trend has nothing to do with the terrorist attack of 9/11.

This trend is about a mere fight in the supermarket. People update their own captions in each video saying the reason why they would fight in a supermarket.


this song is so awful but i’m genuinely obsessed with it ##greenscreen ##newyorkinseptember ##reesescups

♬ New York Summer – Louisa Melcher

This user here has said that she gets upset in the supermarket when her mom says that she can’t get “reeses cups” in the check-out line.

Similarly, people can write some other captions and you can just add whatever you find funny or irritating. So, you saw it. This is what NewYork in September trend is all about. People, mostly teenagers, writing about their frustration with the supermarket which is backed by an irritating song.

How To Do New York In September Challenge?

Lots of people are doing videos on this trend. there are a total of 909 thousand views on videos that have used “#newyorkinseptember“. So, I won’t be surprised if some of you guys while reading this are curious about doing this video by yourself.

I am going to describe a step by step methods so that you can film this challenge. But, first, watch this another video just to familiarize yourself with what we have to create at the end.


This song slaps ##greenscreen ##newyorkinseptember

♬ New York Summer – Louisa Melcher

So, this is what it needs to look like at the end:

  1. If you want to, you can actually film the video in the supermarket. If you do that, just film the video and you are done.
  2. If you chose to not film the video in the supermarket, you have to use “Green Screen filter”.
  3.  After using the “Green Screen” filter, film the video and choose any image of a supermarket interior.
  4. Lip sync with the song “New York Summer” which is what everyone’s doing.
  5. Put an appropriate caption. Make sure that the caption is relatable and funny. I would advise you to be personal because whats personal can be relatable.

So, you can easily make a TikTok video following these steps. After doing that, make sure you put the appropriate hashtags and upload the video on TikTok.

Bizzare Song In New York In September Trend

There’s a song that is present in almost all of the videos made for this trend. It’s almost as if people were inspired to make the trend to include that song somehow in a TikTok video.


⚠️ caution emotional⚠️ ##newyorkinseptember ##newyork ##singer ##fyp ##foryoupage ##emotional 

♬ New York Summer – Louisa Melcher

Some people are making a video just commenting on the song and saying nothing about supermarket. So, it’s fair to say people have been obsessed with this Louisa Melcher song called “New York Summer”.

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