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Nicholas Bode

Nicholas Bode

Nicholas Bode is a young Canadian actor who has shocked the film industry with his work and dedicated from an early age. He has been in the industry for more than 10 years when he was almost 11 years old and since then he has been a household name in the television industry.

Nicholas Bode is mostly liked by many of the people because of his humble and sweet attitude and has earned a lot of fans in his name. He is among the cutest current television stars in Canada. 

Name Nicholas Bode
Birthday November 12
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 6 in
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Married/Single Single

10 facts on Nicholas Bode:

  1. Born in Toronto, Canada on November 12, 1999, he is among the talented Canadian actor.
  2. Nicholas has just entered his 20’s and in a couple, on the month he will be 21 years of age in 2020.
  3. Nicholas isn’t yet introduced in Wikipedia industry so we have mentioned some of his interesting facts to know a little more about him.
  4. Even after research and gathering many reports he isn’t yet available on Instagram as he has stayed away from all kind of social media usage.
  5. Lost girl actor hasn’t yet spoken regarding his love life and his girlfriend as he is currently single and wouldn’t want to share his personal information even if he had one but as of now he is single.
  6. Nicholas is more often known as a voice actor rather than an actor so he prefers himself to be called as Voice actor.
  7. He has been in more than 10 movies and he was paid almost a million dollars as of now in his acting career.
  8. He has been analysed as one of the biggest growing actors in Canada because oh his talent and his dedication toward his work.
  9. His heights stand at 5 feet 6 inches tall as he belongs among the short height actors.
  10. He attended Claude Watson School for the arts in Toronto, Canada.

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