Nicholas Cartwright Age And Wikipedia

Who Is New Cop From Home & Away? Meet Nicholas Cartwright

Who Is New Cop From Home & Away? Meet Nicholas Cartwright

Nicholas Cartwright of 33 age is one of the casts of Home And Away stars. He previously served in the Australian Army.

Cartwright is an Australian actor. He was a former army. In fact, he has served in the Australian Army as a rifleman for six years.

Home and Aways’s newest star is catching everyone’s eye and has even been dubbed “hot cop,” but there is a lot to know about this latest addition than his incised jaw.

Nicholas Cartwright Age And Height: How Old Tall?

Nicholas Cartwright is 33 years of age.

With his age, he might be born in the year 1987 or 1988. 

We still sort of information when he celebrates his birthday.

Cartwright stands with a tall height.

Also, he has great physical attributes.

Cartwright Wikipedia Explored

Nicholas Cartwright Wikipedia is behind the radar.

The actor’s path to the world of entertainment has not been straightforward. 

He revealed Publication that he felt a little lost when he was on the defense force. So, he went to do the craziest thing and joined the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)

He has also been deployed to East Timor and Afghanistan before changing his profession to acting.

Meet Home & Away New Cop

Nicholas Cartwright has appeared on Home & Away as a new cop.

The 33-year-old will play Senior Constable Cash Newman on the series.

The Home & Away newest arrival has garnered sturdy attention in recent times.

Despite having no experience performing in front of the camera, Cartwright will appear alongside James Stewart, Justin Morgan.

Considering his first role, we can clearly except he has a lot to offer to the audience.

Everything On His Girlfriend

Nicholas Cartwright Girlfriend is yet to come to light.

Well, the professional actor is quite reluctant to get vocal towards his personal life.

When it comes to his social media, celebrities like to upload romantic peers’ pictures or bio. But, Cartwright is yet to do so. 

However, we can find Cartwright on Instagram under the username @_nicholas_cartwright_.

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