Nicholas Reardon Ohio Officer Age Wikipedia: Cop Who Shot Makhia

Nicholas Reardon: Get To Know The Cop Who Shot Makhia

Nicholas Reardon: Get To Know The Cop Who Shot Makhia

Offcier Nicholas Reardon age may define his police career and experience. But recent incident can cause some stir on it as well.

Learn more about the officer who shot Ma’Khia.

Nicholas Reardon is the cop who shot Ma’Khia Bryan on April 20, 2021. 

He arrived on the scene after a woman called 911 and the situation quickly escalated when the victim of the shooting lunged at another woman with a knife.

This has caused a great backlash on the Columbus police department on Twitter and protests have been taking place.

Nicholas Reardon: Cop who shot Ma’Khia

On April 20, a cop, Nicholas Reardon shot Ma’Khia Bryant fatally which then caused her death. 

Police reported that they had received 2 “911 calls” for help and when the Columbus police showed up and shot the teen girl. 

This was the day when Chauvin, murderer of George Floyd, was sentenced and the incident occurred 30 minutes before the jury announced the sentence of Chauvin. 

People went into an outrage regarding the matter and began trending #Blacks Lives Matter again on Twitter.

Nicholas Reardon Age

As of now, we do not know the age of Nicholas Reardon. 

Personal details about the officer like his family, wife, and so on, have not been released yet. 

The girl, Ma’Khia, was just  16 years old black teenager.

Nicholas Reardon: Ohio Shooting Updates

Regarding, the Ohio shooting update, the body cams of the officer, Nicholas Reardon and his partner at the time has been released. 

We can see that when the officers arrived on the driveway there were seven people, then suddenly two females rush into the scene chasing each other. 

The woman who was being chased falls down and a man nearby kicks her.

Then, the officer can be heard saying “Get Down” to Ma’Khia who had lunged at another woman with a knife. 

Before she could stab the other woman, Nicholas fired 4 shots at her and she remained unmoving on the ground. 

This has caused a dispute between people as while the victim was a 16-years-old girl but the officer had not taken swift action, the other woman’s life could have been endangered.

Police Chief Woods also asks not to take any hasty judgment or arrest the officer as what the cop did then was what they had been trained to do. 



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