Nichole Brown Cobra Kai Age, Weight Loss And 10 Facts: Is She Missing?

What Happened To Nichole Brown? Cobra Kai Season 4 Cast Missing

What Happened To Nichole Brown? Cobra Kai Season 4 Cast Missing

Netflix’s Cobra Kai’s highly loved cast, Nichole Brown will be missing in the third season of the action-comedy show. The 3rd season is out on Netflix and the saddest news about it that it won’t feature Nichole Brown. 

Nichole first appeared in the show as “Aisha Robinson.” She portrayed one of the major roles in the first and second seasons of the Youtube Red original series. But you won’t find any more of her in Cobra Kai. 

Quick Facts: What Happened To Nichole Brown? Cobra Kai Season 4 Cast Missing

Name Nichole Brown
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Married/Single Single
Instagram @nichole__brown

Moreover, her character was very much loved in the series. After a lot of struggles, Aisha was evolving into something special. But the production company has terminated her character for now. They have not given any specific reason for it but Nichole did confirm it on her Instagram post. Nonetheless, it was good when it lasted. 

Here are a few facts that you need to know about her. 

10 Facts on Nichole Brown

  1. Nichole Brown is an American actress best known for her role in the Netflix show, Cobra Kai. 
  2. Until now, Nichole Brown has not shared anything about her age and birthday. She looks significantly young. 
  3. Also, the actress has a decent height. Her weight is the first thing she gets asked about in interviews. 
  4. Nichole Brown talks about her struggle with weight and efforts for weight loss. 
  5. As much as people loved her in Cobra Kai, the actress won’t appear in the third season. 
  6. She confirmed through Instagram that she will miss the show. 
  7. Speaking of, Nichole Brown has amassed more than 55k followers on Instagram. 
  8. Her appearance in the Netflix show was her debut act. She has not appeared in any other movies and shows that we are aware of. 
  9. The actress’s IMDb biography is further proof of it as she has only one mentioned credit. 
  10. Despite this, Nichole Brown has received a lot of appraisals and her bio is written on many web portal sites. 

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