Nichole Payne Murder – What Happened To Her Husband And Children?

What Happened To Nichole Payne? Dateline And Murder Case Update

What Happened To Nichole Payne? Dateline And Murder Case Update

Nichole Payne Murder case was solved but there is second part of the story. What Happened To Her Husband And Children? Find out.

Nicole was murdered along with her son in 2007. The crime case took nearly a decade to unravel what had happened to them.

The double murder story is featured in NBC Dateline: The Trouble In Quitman. Here are some updates and detail related to the mysterious case.

Nichole Payne Murder

Nicole Payne’s murder case was solved. But, her children have a second part of the story to tell after 14 years.

She and her young son, Taylor, were gunned down at their home in Texas.

Nicole Payne was 35 years of age, while her son Austin Taylor Wages was only 16. Eventually, after the murder, Jason Payne was found holding a child. He is the husband of Nicole Payne.

Upon Jason’s statement, Nicole and Taylor were discovered dead inside the house.

Nicole had a head injury to the back part of the skull. There was a pronounced smell of gun powder near her body. While Taylor Wages was discovered in the garage, he was shot on his feet. Similarly, a wound on his face with no smell of gunpowder.

In addition, detectives discovered two large holes that appeared to be graven in the back of the house. After the medical investigation, the death was proved to be a murder-suicide, according to Dateline NBC.

However, the investigation lacked evidence to prove it as a suicide.

What Happened To Her Husband And Children?

Nicole Payne’s second husband, Jason Payne pleaded to be not guilty.

He was arrested and charged with their deaths in the year 2016. In fact, the Texas jury found him guilty of homicide twice.

Nicole Payne’s other children are Jackson and Remington Payne.

The upcoming episode will make things easier and clear.

Jackson and Remington Payne are telling their story publicly for the first time.

Homicide Case: Who Killed Her?

Jason Payne had killed his wife and stepson.

He made it look like his stepson had killed her and then killed himself.

As of now, he is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Nichole Payne Obituary Details

Nicole Payne’s official obituary was announced on December 16, 2007.

She has been described as an attractive woman with a big heart.

Payne also loved animals and adored her three children. Jason Payne fell for her from the first day he saw her.

But as time passed, their marriage was no longer a peaceful one.

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