Nicholle Hembra Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram Bio

Nicholle Hembra Age: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About

Nicholle Hembra Age: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About

Nicholle Hembra is a very popular Australian-born British actress who likes to have her nationality as both Australian as well as British. She has recently been the hotspot amongst the actors as she has been playing in the popular television series called Brave New World. It has been known that she has been playing the role of Alpha and has already appeared in almost 9 of its episodes.

Name Nicholle Hembra
Gender Female
Nationality British, Australian
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress, Model
Married/Single Single
Instagram @nicholle09
Facebook @nicholle09

This amazing British actress even got to act in the MCU movie Spiderman: Far From Home back in 2019. She played the role of Saved Londoner but remained uncredited. She had actually kicked off her career just three years back, in 2017 when she appeared as Synth Human Robot in the television series called Electric Dreams.

Since the start of her career, Nicholle has already appeared in almost 10 different movies and television series. Apart from Brave New World, she has also signed a contract in another movie named Cruella where she will be appearing as a model. 

10 Facts About Nicholle Hembra:

  1. Nicholle Hembra has no official Wikipedia page but there are other different types of Wiki pages available under her name like Harry Potter Wiki, Fandom Wiki, etc. 
  2. Although we do not know about her real age, we can definitely say she is in her twenties after looking at her pictures.
  3. People are also curious about her height but this information is still missing.
  4. Does she have a boyfriend? This is also a popular question raised by her fans and followers and the answer is no. 
  5. Nicholle can be seen active on Instagram where she has almost 8200 followers.
  6. Her bio is not easily available but we can definitely go on various wiki pages as mentioned above and the best option is IMBD.
  7. Being a top model, she is probably a bit tall, and apart from being just a model, she is also an actress. 
  8. We have no idea regarding her love life and marriage but since she is so young, she is not married for sure.
  9. Nicholle was actually born in Australia but now she lives in London, United Kingdom, and calls herself a British too.
  10. She is also available on Facebook with more than 1100 fans following there. 

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