Nick Cope Age And Podcast: Wife Instagram, Net Worth

Nick Cope Age And Podcast: Get To Know The Musician

Nick Cope Age And Podcast: Get To Know The Musician

Nick Cope Age And Podcast: We will disclose everything about the musician’s personal life in depth!

If you love children music, you are probably familiar with the singer Nick Cope. He is popular for his songs like Have You Heard About Hugh? and A Round Of Applause For The Dinosaurs. Furthermore, he also performs at various music festivals and shows in the UK. 

Nick Cope’s Age: Get to know the Musician

Nick Cope is the age of 56 years old.

The musician was born on December 8, 1964. He is a native of England. Thus, Nick Cope holds British nationality. Furthermore, his zodiac sign is Saggitarius. 

Speaking about his family, Nick was born to parents Kenneth Cope and Renny Lister. His father, Kenneth, is a renowned British actor. Likewise, his mother is a popular TV actress. Furthermore, he is a brother to actress Martha Cope and Mark Cope. 

Nick Cope’s Net Worth: His Earning from Podcast

Nick Cope’s net worth yields a handsome fortune as of 2021.

Cope is the host of the kid’s podcast titled Nick Cope’s Popcast. The podcast is a musical series filled with songs for young people. Similarly, the show is supported by big companies like CBeebies and BBC. Thus, Nick Cope undoubtedly earns a hefty salary.  

Before, Nick was the lead singer of the Rock band The Candyskins. He was involved in the band for nearly ten years before breaking up in 2009. Likewise, their notable singles include Submarine Song, and She Blew Me Away. 

His Wife and Children Details

Nick Cope is married to his wife, Amanda

Amanda and Nick Cope have 3 children and a grandson together. In fact, the couple has been married for decades now. They currently reside in Oxford, England, with their dog Norman. 

You can discover Nick Cope’s Twitter as @nickcope4. Similarly, his Instagram handle is @cope.nick. He has over 3.7k followers on both social platforms. Besides, Nick Cope’s fame has earned him a place on Wikipedia bio. 

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