Nicole Addimando Wikipedia And Partner: Where Is She Now?

Nicole Addimando Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Case And Story

Nicole Addimando Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Case And Story

Nicole Addimando has a Wikipedia page dedicated to her.

Moreover, one can read about Addimando on a couple of Wiki-bio pages as well.

Nicole Addimando is a 31-years-old woman who killed her partner in 2017. The case was featured on CBS ’48 Hours’ in November 2020.

Nicole went to Frankin Delano Roosevelt High School, Hyde Park. Addimando was found guilty 10 months after the incident occurred. Nicole was charged with second-degree murder.

Who Is Nicole Addimando’s Partner?

Nicole Addimando’s partner was Christopher Grover. Nicole and Christopher met in 2008 at a gym, where both of them worked as gymnastics teachers. Nicole was 19 years old, and Christopher was 21 years old when they met.

Nicole got pregnant with Grover’s child in 2012. Nicole moved in with him to Salt Point, California, soon after. Christopher started abusing Nicole in 2013. Grover abused and attacked her violently when she refused to have sex with him. Nicole has two children with Christopher, and their second child was born in 2015.

Nicole Addimando Murder Case

Nicole Addimando has a Wikipedia page dedicated to her, where details about the murder and case are present. x

Addimando shot her partner Christopher Grover on September 27, 2017, in self-defense, reports CBS News. Nicole claimed that she was abused by Christopher. Nicole and Christopher lived in an apartment in Poughkeepsie, New York, with their two children.

Where Is She Now?

Nicole Addimando is currently serving time in prison for the crime. Addimando was given 19 years to life in prison. She was put away at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, reports Poughkeepsie Journal.

Nicole was portrayed as the master manipulator who made up the domestic abuse story by the prosecution. Addimando’s defense team said that she had a legitimate doubt that her partner would kill her. Addimando got a lot of support from family and friends who said they knew about the abuse and injuries. 

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