Nikki Grahame Mum Age Husband And Wiki

Nikki Grahame Mum Susan Grahame Wiki: Family Details To Know

Nikki Grahame Mum Susan Grahame Wiki: Family Details To Know

Susan Grahame is Nikki Grahame mum. Nikki was a British reality TV star popular for the reality TV show ‘”Big Brother.” With her bright personality, she was really close to the “Big Brother” family and her fans.

It was last Friday that the news of the death of “Big Brother” star Nikki Grahame got out, and fans have shown their grievances and sent well wishes to Susan Grahame, mum of the TV star. 

Fans and well-wishers of the star had helped raise her money on the GoFundME page created by her friend to help her battle anorexia but to no avail.

Even after her passing, it seems that the fund is still being raised, which now will be used to support those suffering from anorexia.

Susan Grahame Age and Wiki

Grahame’s age is currently unknown.

She is estimated to be in her mid-sixties.

Moreover, Susan Grahame has not been featured on any of the Wiki sites yet. However, her daughter, Nikki, does have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. 

Like her daughter, her name is shortened, and many denote her as “Sue.”

Susan Grahame Husband and Children

Grahame’s husband was David Grahame.

They have not been divorced yet but have been living separately for 30 years now.

The reason for their separation has not been known yet, but it had greatly affected their family.

David and Susan Grahame’s children are Nicola Rachele-Beth Grahame, a TV star popularly known as “Nikki,” and Natalie Grahame.

After their separation, Susan had raised both the girls alone.

Cause Of Death: How Did Nikki Grahame Die?

Susan Grahame’s daughter, Nikki cause of death was anorexia nervosa.

The disorder was first seen on her after she had been called fat in her gymnastic class.

During the time, Nikki had been dealing with the death of her grandfather and the separation of her parents, which fueled the illness. 

Nikki always had the support of her friends and family, but Susan revealed that the disease would relapse, and her condition got worse.

Moreover, she also revealed that it was due to the lockdown; when the gyms closed, her daughter got worse day by day. Despite being with her throughout the time, Susan had ultimately lost her daughter on April 9, 2021.

What is Grahame Net Worth?

Susan Grahame net worth or salary is not known.

We do not know her professional details so far.

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