Niko Ranta-Aho Wikipedia, Wife And Net Worth: Everything To Know

Niko Ranta-Aho Wikipedia Wife Net Worth: Was He Arrested?

Niko Ranta-Aho Wikipedia Wife Net Worth: Was He Arrested?

Businessman Niko Ranta Aho is suspected of drug crime case. He denies the 100-pound drugs he is charged with. Know about his Wikipedia, wife and family.

Niko Ranta Aho and Janne Transberg are suspect of having 200 pounds of amphetamine smuggled into Finland. He is going to confess almost all of his charges but denies the drug case.

According to the statement given in Katiska Triangle admits a total of 118 kg of amphetamine, 10 kg of cocaine, 23 kg of MDMA (ecstasy), 72,000 ecstasy pills, 19,000 LSD patches, and 2kg of crystals. Methamphetamine has been exported by Niko and Janne.

Niko denies the many drugs he has been accused of, some like 5 pounds of cocaine, 100 pounds of amphetamine, 12 pounds of MDMA.

Is Niko Ranta Aho On Wikipedia?

Niko Ranta Aho does not have a page on Wikipedia.

His personal details are very less known to the media. The businessman has kept his profile in public very low. 

Who is Niko Ranta Aho Wife?

Niko does not have a wife.

He has a girlfriend who has won the 2015 Bikini-Fitness World Champion, Sofia Belorfia.

Sofia was also arrested alongside Niko in Helsinki. She is accused of money laundering Ranta Aho money. 

In her defense, she says she didn’t know where the money came from, and she just laundered it.

Niko Ranta Aho Net Worth

Niko Ranta estimated net worth is $4 million.

The district court of Helsinki has ordered to seal the whole property of Niko.

He has a real estate business and restaurant in Spain. 

Is he is a member of a biker gang?

Niko Ranta Aho, who is suspected of many Drug smuggling cases, is not a member of a biker gang.

He has been seen much time in a motor club in Hells Angles with Jarkko.

Police have accused Jarkko has brought cocaine worth € 210,000 from Niko.

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