Niko Walters Age And Wikipedia

Niko Walters Age And Wikipedia – Matiu Walters Brother

Niko Walters Age And Wikipedia – Matiu Walters Brother

What is Niko Walters age? He must be around his 30s. Read this article to learn more about his Wikipedia and girlfriend.

He grew up immersed in music, but it wasn’t until he left the country that he found himself seriously motivated to create music. 

Niko Walters Age

Niko Walter’s age is not known. 

He has an older brother, Matiu Walters, who is currently 33 years old. 

Comparing Walter’s older brother’s age, Niko must be around 28-31 years old. 

Is Niko Walters on Wikipedia?

No, Niko Walters is not listed on Wikipedia. 

He was born in New Zealand and was raised there. 

Walters was living a reasonably carefree existence in a Hackney flat, and when he had free time, a guitar and a laptop were always on his hands. 

In addition, he writes his music, which was one of the particular goals that made him a singer. 

Further, Walters released his first single, the soul-tinged “Moving On,” with the label in mid-2019. 

With the last month of seeing his debut studio album release, he accomplished eight-song collection “Escape” and was justified in feeling the pressure of his accelerated rise. 

While he may be the brother of Six60 front-man Matiu Walters, Niko pulls no punches in commanding the spotlight, combining contemporary soul with euphoric lyricism.

Niko acknowledges that both he and Matiu benefited from having parents who’d encourage them to listen widely and enthusiastically,

With the support of Universal Music, Niko can share studios with the likes of in-demand local R&B and pop songwriters and producers Rory Noble and Mikey Dam on the making of Escape. 

His Brother Matiu Walters 

Niko’s brother Matiu Walters is a guitarist and vocalist for the New Zealand band Six60. 

In addition, Six 60 band is known for the singles “Only to Be” and “Don’t Forget Your Roots.”

The 34-year-old guitarist was born in New Zealand.

He met his Six60 bandmates while attending the University of Otago. His band’s self-titled debut album went platinum four times over in New Zealand.

How Much Is His Net Worth?

Walters’ net worth details are under review. 

Moreover, Walters is an established singer who clearly explains the singer living a good life. 

In addition, his primary source of income is generated through his music. 

Meet Him On His Instagram

Yes, Walters is present on Instagram. 

His account is verified and has 16.2k followers, which is a considerable number. 

Niko likes to share everything on his IG handle, with his family photos, music journey, and concert pictures.

Does He Have A Girlfriend? 

It is unclear whether Niko Walters has a girlfriend or not. 

He has not posted any photos that show signs of a serious relationship with his partner. 

It looks like the singer is currently single.

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