Nikole Hannah-Jones Husband Wikipedia Age & Net Worth

Who Is Nikole Hannah-Jones Husband Faraji Hannah-Jones? Everything To Know

Who Is Nikole Hannah-Jones Husband Faraji Hannah-Jones? Everything To Know

Faraji Hannah Jones or Nikole Hannah Jones husband is a veteran tech guru. Know his age and net worth here.

Faraji is a technology specialist and engineer. He is better known for being the life partner of Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Faraji Hannah-Jones – Nikole Hannah-Jones Husband

Faraji Hannah-Jones is Nikole Hannah-Jones’s husband.

Nikole and her husband met online more than two decades ago. It took no time for Faraji and Nikole to fall in love. However, neither of them has revealed when they married.

Also, Hannah-Jones lives with his wife and family in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn. On the other hand, the lovely couple shares a daughter named Najya.

Nikole is a well-known investigative journalist of America. She had joined The New York Times in 2015 as a staff writer. Also, she has covered different issues regarding civil rights in America.

Besides, Faraji’s wife is set to commence the Center for Journalism and Democracy at Howard University. Besides, she recently declined to work as the Journalism department chair at UNC.

Faraji Hannah-Jones Wikipedia

Faraji Hannah-Jones does not have a Wikipedia bio as of now.

But one can find him on the Wikipedia bio of his wife Nikole. Faraji may have his Wiki bio there soon once he achieves what he desires in his career.

Faraji is a technology engineer. Besides, he also serves as a web developer. He has been serving in the IT industry for around a decade now.

Faraji’s Linkedin profile reveals he currently serves at ACLU in Brooklyn. Actually, he is an Information Technology Support Technician there. He has been working there for over a year now.

Prior to that, Hannah-Jones was a senior desktop support analyst at LF Distrubution Holding Inc. Similarly, he is an IT expert on versatile fields like Linux, Macs, and Microsoft systems.

Faraji Hannah-Jones Age: How Old Is He?

Faraji Hannah-Jones’s age seems to be over 45 years old.

But we could not have our hands on his exact birth details. Besides, his partner Nikole has reached 45 years of age.

Hannah-Jones was born to parents with a military background. His father and grandfather both were in the military for decades. 

Faraji Hannah-Jones Net Worth

Faraji Hannah-Jones’s net worth is a mystery for now.

It is unclear how much he earned from his tech career. Besides, his wife Nikole has a net worth of around $3 million.

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