Nikole Hannah-Jones Net Worth & Salary

Nikole Hannah-Jones Net Worth – Education And Career Explored

Nikole Hannah-Jones Net Worth – Education And Career Explored

Nikole Hannah Jones net worth is glorious after bagging thousands of dollars salary through her career. How much does she make? Here we have got you covered.

Nikole is an American investigative journalist. She is widely recognized for the coverage of civil rights in the United States. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hannah-Jones declined the University of North Carolina’s offer of tenure and joined Howard university.

Nikole Hannah-Jones Net Worth & Salary: How Much Does She Make?

Nikole Hannah-Jones’ net worth is estimated to be about $3 million.

Reportedly, Hannah-Jones makes around  $80K salary per annum working at the New York Times as a staff writer, unfolds Married Biography.

The award-winning journalist has been with the paper since April 2015.

Beginning her journalism career in 2003, Hannah-Jones has racked up several prestigious awards for her marvelous contributions to the field.

She has also found the Center for Journalism and Democracy, which raises lucrative money to her net worth. It focuses on training students in investigative journalism.

Everything On Nikole Hannah-Jones Education

Nikole Hannah-Jones education is a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.

Hannah-Jones attended the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in History and African-American Studies in 1998. Later, she graduated from the University of North Carolina Hussman School of Journalism and Media with a master’s degree in 2003.

Previously, she and her sister attended almost all-white schools as part of a voluntary desegregation busing program. 

And, she also attended Waterloo West High School for her schooling.

Get To Know Her Husband

Nikole Hannah-Jones is married to her husband, Faraji Hannah-Jones.

The pair lives in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn with their daughter, Najya Hannah-Jones.

Nikole’s husband, Faraji, is a tech specialist and a parent activist. He organizes various issues of school integration. Well, her husband comes from a military veteran family as his father served in the military for 23 years and his grandfather was in the military for over 30 years. 

We can also find Nikole’s husband Faraji on Linkedin. Previously, he worked on 1619 enterprises, The Audacity Firm and LF Distribution Holding.

Her Family Details

Nikole Hannah-Jones family includes her father Milton Hannah and her mother Cheryl A. Novotny.

Her parents come from different descent. Her father, Milton, is African-American, whereas her mother is white and of Czech and English descent. She has two siblings sister. She is the second of three sisters.

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