Niviane Petit Phelps Photo Mugshots Age And Husband: Miami Gardens

Who is Niviane Petit Phelps Miami Gardens? Nurse Mugshots Released

Who is Niviane Petit Phelps Miami Gardens? Nurse Mugshots Released

Who is Niviane Petit Phelps and why is she detained? Fans wonder about her arrest and mugshots. 

Petit Phelps is an Afro-American woman who has threatened Kamala Harris’ life. She got arrested a few days ago due to the very reason.

In defense, Phelps claims that she was upset about Kamala Harris being the 49th vice president of America because according to her, Kamala isn’t actually black. However, she stated she is over it now.

Niniane Petit Phelps Photo Mugshots

Phelps’s photographs have been revealed in the media.

Niniane Petit Phelps mugshots are also available. 

One can easily see her face on the photos that the press has released a few days back.

Also to mention, on February 20, 2021, the suspect herself revealed the mugshots as she took a photo of herself holding a pistol next to a target containing bullet holes. 

Her Wiki Details: Age Revealed

This article covers most of Niniane Petit Phelps’ Wikipedia details.

Niniane’s age is 39 years old, as per the source.

She was born in the year 1982 in Florida Miami. 

Likewise, she is a licensed nurse by profession who had been working at Jackson Memorial Medical Centre since 2001.

Her Husband And Children Explained

Phelps is a married woman with a husband and children.

Her husband’s name is Joseph J. Phelps and not much is known about him. However, we got to know that he is imprisoned in Crawfordville. Joseph was found guilty of armed robbery and the death of a convenience store owner in 1996.

Furthermore, Niviane was residing in Miami Parks, Florida along with her 3 children.

Everything About Niviane Arrest

Niviane Petit Phelps got arrested on April 15, 2021.

According to news portals, the lady had been threatening American Vice President, Kamala Harris for more than a month now through videos and photos.

On 13th February, Phelps sent a video to her husband in prison mentioning that the vice-president is going to die. In the video, she also claimed that someone had paid her to do the job.

Likewise, in another video she sent on February 18, she said that Kamla Harris is going to die within 50 days if she doesn’t leave the chair.

Finally, on 15th April she was sentenced to jail for issuing threats against Vice President.




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