Njuzu Viral Video On Twitter

Who is Njuzu Aka Monalisa Zulu? Meet Her On Instagram

Who is Njuzu Aka Monalisa Zulu? Meet Her On Instagram

The story about Monalisa Zulu and her viral video explained in this post. Furthermore, know her bio and Instagram through this post.

Njuzu whose real name is Monalisa Zulu is a Zimbabwean model based in South Africa. While she is always known for her drama and chaotic post over various platforms.

However, this time it’s her private leaked videos bringing her into controversies. 

On 12 April 2021, a series of nude videos of Njuzu leaked online. 

Initially, she was worried about the consequences but now she has a different sight for it. Read until the end to know what she has to say.

Monalisa Zulu Instagram

Monalisa Zulu is active over the Instagram platform. 

Her account under the username “1njuzu_” holds more than 8,163 followers until today.

Previously, she was blasted for posting a video of herself massaging the late Ginimbi’s manager, Ms Shally.

A past post on Reddit says that a Brand tried to gain mileage from Njuzu current fame.

Njuzu viral video On Twitter explained

Monalisa Zulu finally breaks her silence about the viral video.

Most probably the videos were taken in the year 2018. She says that the private recordings were leaked by her ex-boyfriend to ruin her ongoing relationship. 

Monalisa’s current boyfriend is Trevor Simbarashe Mbizvo.

Trevor is also known as Hell Commander. He is a well-known Zimbabwean socialite and entrepreneur based in South Africa.

Initially, Zulu was distraught about the videos. However, she has managed to accept it. In fact, Trevor is also not bothered by the situation.

Now, there’s a new twist to the story. Njuzu blames her former rival love rival Ms Shally for leaking the explicit videos.

Monalisa Zulu Age and Bio

Monalisa Zulu age is 28 years old as of March 2021.

Her birthday information has not been public. However, her modelling career has led us to know about her age and bio.

She is a curvy model and has worked as the brand ambassador of the native clothing brand named Gentlemen. Moreover, she has been featured in a music video by Tytan titled Bata Bho.

Monalisa Zulu is said to have a child. Although, the detailed information remains unknown. She does not have a Wikipedia page.

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