No, Simone Biles Is Not Pregnant

Olympics: Simone Biles Pregnancy Rumors “No She Is Not Pregnant”

Olympics: Simone Biles Pregnancy Rumors “No She Is Not Pregnant”

No, Simone Biles is not pregnant but might have plans to have a baby with her partner Jonathan Owens. We have got you covered.

Biles is an American artistic gymnast. She has already won a total of 31 Olympic and World Championship medals. In fact, she is the most decorated American gymnast and one of the greatest and dominant gymnasts of all time.

Recently, Biles racked another medal to her name, winning a bronze medal in the Women’s balance beam in Tokyo Olympics.

Is Simone Biles Pregnant? 

Simone Biles is not with child at the moment. All those pregnancy rumors surrounding Simone Biles are hoaxes. 

Without a doubt, we can say she is not pregnant but may have plans to have kids after Tokyo Olympics. 

She is recently competing in Tokyo Olympics. So, the athletes who are pregnant never take part in sports as they are asked to break from their game.

Interestingly, she claims to be a dog mom of Lilo and Rambo Biles. You can see a featured Instagram handle for her dog under the username @thebilesfrenchies.

Everything On Her Boyfriend Jonathan Owens

Simone Biles always has her back by her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens.

Six-time Olympic medalist Biles may have a stellar collection of gold medals, but the role of the Olympic gymnast’s supporter is always played by her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens.

Her boyfriend, Owens, is an NFL football player who is a Houston Texans safety.

When Biles was dealing with a case of the ‘twisties,’ a potentially dangerous condition in which gymnasts feel a disconnect between their mind and body, it was all her boyfriend who took her through.

When Biles posted a picture alongside her gymnastics teammates on her Instagram handle, Owens expressed his unconditional love and support, commenting, “I’m so proud of y’all.” with love emoticons.

It was the first time the couple has sparked their relationship on social media. However, they have been together for over a year now.

Simone Biles Baby: Does Simone Biles Have any children?

Simone Biles does not have a baby thus far. Biles has never shared about the couple’s plan regarding their children.

As the pregnancy rumors of Biles are false, her fans and follower are avidly waiting for pregnancy news. We think we all just have to wait for some time.

The couple often seems motivating and helping each other way out, linking to various romantic and intimate stories, but yet to have any signs of pregnancy.

It is evident that the couple might be doing some family planning. We’ll share as soon as the couple shares any information about their kids.

Who Are Her Parents?

Biles was born to her mother, Shanon Biles, but her father is out of sight.

In her family, she was the third of four siblings. She has three siblings named Adria, Ashley, and Tevin.

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