Norma Allbritton Wikipedia, Trial Update And Verdict

Where Is Norma Allbritton Now? Trial Update And Verdict

Where Is Norma Allbritton Now? Trial Update And Verdict

Where is Norma Allbritton now? She is a resident of Palestine who was arrested in 2019. Get to know about her trial update and verdict.

On May 14, 1984, an unknown person shot 65 years old Johnnie to death in his home. The police suspected the incident as a burglary case for the next 3 decades.

In fact, the family had reported several dollars and guns missing from the house.   

The true events were finally unveiled after the case was reopened by the TV series Cold Justice on Oxygen. The cast worked together with Leon County investigators to find the culprit. 

Norma Allbritton Wikipedia

Norma Allbritton does not have a Wikipedia biography.

Norma is 85 years old woman arrested in 2019 for murdering her husband, Johnnie Allbritton, around 35 years ago!

On closer investigation, the Cold Justice team found that the theft was staged. Though the house was ransacked, no items were missing, as previously reported. 

Similarly, the town sheriff had received anonymous tips alleging the murder done by a hitman hired by Norma’s friend. 

All of the evidence eventually pointed out towards Johnnie’s second wife, Norma. 

Apparently, she was laundering money, having extramarital affairs, and even pretending to have cancer with her spouse.

Trial Update And Verdict – Where Is She Now?

Norma Allbritton stood for the trial update in 2019. 

By June 27, 2019, the investigation team had collected enough evidence to arrest Norma. The police handcuffed the culprit on July 1, 2019. 

Norma Allbritton latest news verdict entails she stayed in Leon County Jail.

Reports suggest that she stayed behind bars with $50,000 in bond. She remained there until July 3, 2019, 

Likewise, Norma now resides in Palestine.

However, there is limited info on where she is serving her sentence now. 

Johnnie Albritton Death Obituary

Johnnie Allbritton obituary states his death as murder.

His friends and family remark Johnny as a well-liked rancher and store owner. Likewise, he was even a father to Norma’s children. 

According to Norma Allbritton’s case update in 2021, she is also under suspicion for killing her 13 years old daughter, Pam Allbritton, in 1981. The incident, which was previously ruled out as suicide, is being reopened. 

Johnnie’s daughter, Judy Robinson, also helped the police to solve the case. 

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