Nuria Pajares TikTok Viral Video- Her Edad, Wikipedia Biografia

Who Is Nuria Pajares TikTok? Meet Her On Instagram

Who Is Nuria Pajares TikTok? Meet Her On Instagram

Nuria Pajares from TikTok has been viral for a video with 2 million views. Here’s everything we know about her edad Wikipedia and biografia.

Nuria has been describing herself as a social media influencer since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Professionally, she has worked for multiple firms, including Sánchez Romero Carvajal, Mr. Wonderful, Argal, and many more.

Meet Nuria Pajares On TikTok

Nuria Pajares is active on TikTok as @nuriapajares.

Moreover, she has 1.8 million followers. So if you haven’t followed her, this is the right time to help her reach the 2 million mark.

Furthermore, her TikTok videos have generated almost 45 million likes. She loves challenges and uploads videos every single day.


Mirar como llora 😢 de emoción y ilusión 😍@meryyrodriguezz2 Por su graduación,bat y por la selectividad… #viral #parati #ebau #madreehija

♬ sonido original – nuria pajares

Everything About Her Viral Video

On June 14, 2021, Nuria Pajares’s video went viral, which has changed her life.

The video features her hija (daughter), whom she gifts a Louis Vuitton bag. Interestingly, she calls it Luisvi, which is worth 1,150 euros.

Reportedly, she has recorded Mera‘s reaction, which is quite tremendous. Now, Nuria’s videos have helped her followers to increase every single hour.

Her Edad Revealed

According to El Mundo, Nuria Pajares’s edad (age) is 42 years old.

Reportedly, she is a Catalan woman and is living in Barcelona. She has shown the world that despite your growing age, you can start a career if you wish to do so.

The Spanish influencer is married to Toni Yuriev. Interestingly, her husband is a TikTok star himself.

Despite the criticism of her viral video, Nuria has defended herself. She believes that the bag is a gem and her daughter deserved it.

Is She On Wikipedia? Her Biografia Explored

Nuria Pajares’s biografia is not available on Wikipedia yet.

Usually, we do not find social media stars on Wikipedia unless they become sensations. However, after her recent videos, there are high chances that she will earn a Wikipedia soon.

For now, you can find about her from Instagram. She has approximately 49.6 thousand followers.

Furthermore, the TikTok star loves to post about her familia. Moreover, she has a younger daughter named Cloe, who is also being popular these days.

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