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Samantha Hartsoe Tiktok Viral Apartment Inside The Mirror: Know Everything

Samantha Hartsoe Tiktok Viral Apartment Inside The Mirror: Know Everything

Samantha Hartsoe TikTok Mirror has gone viral on the internet.

She discovers a secret apartment at her own house in New York. Stick with this article till the end to explore her life.

Samantha Hartsoe is an aspiring internet personality who became popular overnight and managed to be in the magazine headlines. No doubt, she has nearly 856.kk followers and 5 million likes on TikTok so far.

As per her TikTok bio, she is fond of dance, adventures, and storytelling. Her TikTok videos have lots of videos with a #storytime. 

Samantha Hartsoe TikTok Mirror Went Over Board

Samantha finds a new story on her TikTok channel to entertain her fans. This time, it’s not funny jokes or comedy scenes. She finds out secret rooms behind her washroom mirror. After discovering the secret rooms behind her bathroom mirror has shocked everyone. Doesn’t it sound like a horror film story? 


seriously never would I have expected to find this… and I documented all of it ##mystery ##fyp ##nyc ##secret ##foryou ##apartment ##storytime

♬ Mysterious – Andreas Scherren

Moreover, she shared these terrible videos on TikTok in several parts. She first felt a cold draft in her bathroom and decides to take a look at the mirror. 

Samantha Hartsoe Hidden Apartment In New York Revealed

Samantha’s hidden apartment in New York City is quite frightening and suspicious too. With the help of her friends, she went inside with a hammer, headlamp, and mask. Guess what? She finds a three-bedroom apartment and the room is cold enough to freeze a person. 

According to the reports from The Guardian, she mentioned that even her household manager seems to be shocked after knowing about the secret apartment.

Is She Active On Instagram? 

Yes! Samantha is active on Instagram with 15.7k followers and 610 posts as of March 2021. She recently has visited the Ellen Show. We can see some snaps on the IG page as well.

Moreover, Hartsoe is currently 26 years when it comes to her age. She holds an American nationality of course.

Moving on to her relationship status, Samantha seems to be single. There is no sign of her husband and married life at the moment. Similarly, her family details are missing as of now.

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