NYPD Christine Galgano Tiktok, Age, Bio, Instagram

NYPD Christine Galgano

NYPD Christine Galgano

Christine Galgano is a police officer who is currently working in the jurisdiction of the New York Police Department. The NYPD officer has been viral after she posted her TikTok video which passed around the internet bringing her lots of praise. In her video, she imitates loony Lt.dangel from Comedy Central mockumentary “Reno9/11”.

Name Christine Galgano
Age 27 years old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Police Officer
Instagram xtinegalgano
Twitter xtinegalgano

Christine is assigned to Queens County to patrol and maintain peace in the community keeping the citizens safe. Galgano is a fitness freak as she participates in many fitness training and also encourages her colleagues in the department to exercise daily.


10 Facts on Christine Galgano

  1. NYPD Christine Galgano is 27 years of age who currently works in Queens County. She does not have the exact date of birth and her birthplace details mentioned on the internet.
  2. Even though NYPD officer has appeared with her mother in social media there is no information about her parents and family.
  3. Christine was off duty when she did her TikTok video but was wearing the police uniform so her commanding officer investigated the incident.
  4. Galgano joined the police department on the 10th of January in 2018 and has worked hard to maintain peace. Christine is also a soccer player in the NYPD’s women soccer team.
  5. On Instagram Officer, Christine has 11.9k followers and she is very active in posting her activities outside of work. But she has been able to keep her personal information away from the public so we don’t know if she is married or not.
  6. Galgano participated in the fitness competition where all NYPD officers compete to find out who the fittest among all. 
  7. NYPD Christine is also a generous person as she uses her social media to raise funds for the public cause and help the needy and helpless person.
  8. According to Galgano’s bio, she is positive for COVID 19 and also has lupus.she is recovering well according to the media.
  9. With the motivation and the selfless work Christine does through her Instagram, she can be hailed as a social influencer as well.
  10. NYPD Christine Galgano actively supported the USA women’s Soccer Team during the World Cup win in 2019.

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