Obituary – Cameron Burrell Died Of Suicide

Who Was Leroy Burrell Son Cameron Burrell? Was He Married?

Who Was Leroy Burrell Son Cameron Burrell? Was He Married?

Famous track and field athlete Cameron Burrell died of suicide at the age of 26. Learn about his wife and more. 

Cameron Burrell was an American male sprinter. Also, he was the son of Olympics gold medalist Leroy Burrell and godson of legend Carl Lewis. 

He was one of the best sprinters at his college Houston Cougars, where he played from 2014 to 2018. Moreover, he was the NCAA Division I Champion, over 100m race in 2018. 

Both of his parents were Olympics champions and gold medalists. Like his parents, he was also a gem in the field and track athletics.

However, his journey could not last long. His death at an early age has shattered the world and left his family in great tragedy.

Obituary – Cameron Burrell, age 26, Died Of Suicide.

Cameron Burrell died on 9th August 2021. However, we cannot find his obituary on the internet except his death news on various channels. His death was confirmed by his family.

Son of Olympian gold medalist and world record holder, he himself was a gem of track and field athletics. Sadly, his journey ended very soon at the early age of 26. 

Some are saying his death reason to be suicide, but there is no information revealed right now. His body was found in the parking lot area. The doctors are not in the condition to say anything about his death reason right now.

Cameron Burrell’s age was only 26 years old at the time of his death. He was born in 1994 in Houston, Texas. He used to celebrate his birthday on 11th September.

Meet His Wife

No, Cameron Burrell was not married, meaning he had no wife in his lifetime. Moreover, he had not revealed his love life to the media limelight.

Cameron was a person to remain silent on his personal matters. He died at an early age, so he neither was married nor had any love affairs known. 

Leroy Burrell Son cause of death – Meet The Family

Leroy Burrell’s son, Cameron Burrell, died on 9th August. He was found in a parking lot, and there is no exact cause of death found yet.

The family is at a significant loss right now. His Olympian father and mother, Leroy and Michelle Finn, are the ones to be affected most.

The whole Burrell family is in profound grief right now. His father Burrell and Cameron’s college had shared his death news on Twitter.

Not only his parents but his whole family was associated with sports. 

Cameron Burrell Net Worth?

His net worth was estimated to be around $1.5 million. However, the exact sum of his net worth is under review right now.

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