Obituary: Frank Bonner Cause Of Death

How Did WKRP In Cincinnati Actor Frank Bonner Died? Cause Of Death

How Did WKRP In Cincinnati Actor Frank Bonner Died? Cause Of Death

Frank Bonner obituary was released by his daughter. An undisclosed illness caused his death at the age of 79. Get to know his wife and family finding him on Wikipedia.

Frank was an actor and a TV director. He was recognized for his role on the TV sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati.

Frank Bonner Obituary

The obituary of Frank Bonner was released on June 16.

Bonner’s daughter released an obituary on Facebook notifying his death. The actor died on Wednesday. His daughter says the actor will be forever missed by those who followed his career.

Also, many of his fans have paid tribute to him on social media. In fact, several celebrities have expressed their grief, shading light on his wonderful acting career.

In addition, his fans and fellow actors have asked for prayers for his family. 

Frank Bonner Cause Of Death

Frank Bonner cause of death is his illness.

However, the illness that caused his death is not revealed as of now. Bonner had reached 79 years of age when he died.

Not to mention, Bonner’s daughter revealed he was signing autographs for his fans weeks before he died. The interactions with fans at the very dawn of his life prove his tremendous love for his fans.

Frank Bonner Wikipedia

Frank Bonner is on Wikipedia.

In fact, Bonner’s Wikipedia bio was created after the news of his death surfaced. His Wikipedia bio includes his career and life journey.

Frank had earned much of his attention for his appearance in WKRP in Cincinnati. He played the role of Herb Tarlek on the sitcom.

Also, he starred in The New WKRP in Cincinnati in 1991. Also, he appeared in a music video for the Canadian band Rheostatics.

Interestingly, Bonner had served as a director of several episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati. Also, he directed some other sitcoms like Who’s the Boss?, Newhart, and City Guys.

His Wife and Family

Frank Bonner wife is Gayle Hardage.

The two married in 2006. Also, Frank’s family includes his four children. Desiree Boers-Kort is his daughter.

In fact, Gayle was Fran’s fifth wife. He had married Sharon Gray in 1996. Then, he shared married life with Mary A Rings, Lillian Garrett, and Catherin Sherwood.

Bonner’s parents are unknown as of now. He was born on February 28, 1942.

His Net Worth

Frank’s net worth had not surfaced in the media when he died.

He had an acting career of over four decades. As a result, he may have made some good fortunes.

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