Obituary: Kilar Gillispie Death – Who Was Kilar Rain Gillispie Kansas?

Obituary: Kilar Gillispie Death – Who Was Kilar Rain Gillispie Kansas?

Obituary: Kilar Gillispie Death – Who Was Kilar Rain Gillispie Kansas?

Kilar Gillispie death and obituary have saddened everyone. Get to know Kilar Rain Gillispie from Kansas. 

On June 15, 2021, an unfortunate fate fell on the Gillispie family. Their loving daughter Kilan Rain was suddenly taken away from the world.

The young soul was adored and loved by so many people.

Kilar Gillispie Death Obituary

Kilar Gillispie obituary has been released following her sad death.

According to reports, Gillispie was swimming alone in the pool around 9:30 pm night. The pool was located in her own house in the 10,000 block of East First Street. 

However, other people found her unresponsive shortly after and called 911 emergency. The first responders to the incident reportedly performed CPR on the spot. Then, she was taken to Wichita hospital nearby. 

Sadly, Kilar Gillispie’s death was made official by the medicals. 

It is suspected that Kilar Gillispie death was caused by accidental drowning. As a fact, the police have not suspected any foul plays until now.

Nonetheless, we are waiting for the full reports. 

Who Was Kilar Rain Gillispie From Kansas?

Kilar Rain Gillispie from Kansas was a 15 years old student.

She was a resident and loveable person of Harvey County. Likewise, she used to attend the Circle of Towanda Schools in the state.

Kilar was not only academically successful but also an athlete. She was a member of her school’s CHS Thunder Bird Soccer team. Furthermore, she had scored many goals during matches for CHS. 

Following her untimely demise, the whole CHS team has sent their condolences to the family. They even made a Twitter post to pay tribute to the late soccer star.

Gillispie is now survived by her mother Cree, father Josh, and sisters Keila and Kenzi. Similarly, Josh is the owner of Gillispie Meats of Newton. 

Kilar Rain Gillispie Go Fund Me

Friends and family have now set up a Go Fund Me page for Kilar Rain Gillispie.

Kilar’s loved ones want to help the family in the hard times. They had originally targeted to collect $15K in total. However, they have already crossed the goal with $37K on the account right now. 

The profile also mentions that Gillispie’s organs will be donated among 50 recipients. 

The angel touched so many lives – both dead and alive. Likewise, people filled social media with RIP posts after her unfortunate passing away.

We express our heartfelt sympathies to Kilar Rain Gillispie’s friends and family. May her soul rest in peace.

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