Obituary: Rapper Dthang Shot Dead

Rapper Dthang Was Shot Dead: Who Killed Lil Durk Brother?

Rapper Dthang Was Shot Dead: Who Killed Lil Durk Brother?

Rapper Dthang has been shot dead outside a club in Chicago. Here is what we know about Lil Durk brother cause of death.

Well-known as an American rapper, Dthang was famous for his hip-hop music.

Some of his outstanding works include Bunny Hop, Caution, Untold Stories, etc. Most of his songs are available on Deezer and YouTube.

Moreover, his real name appears to be Dontay Banks Jr. Thus, Dthang is his stage name.

Rapper Dthang Shot Dead

Rapper Dthang was shot dead on June 5, 2021.

According to unofficial reports, he was murdered outside a Chicago club. Fellow rapper Calboy has sent his condolences.

Although he is no more, there’s no official news that proves his death.

His Cause Of Death Explained

At the moment, we cannot confirm anything about Dthang’s cause of death.

Since there are speculations that he got shot, he might have died due to its consequences.

However, the official reports are yet to be out. So, there’s nothing to be sure of at the moment.

Dthang Obituary Explored

Dthang’s official obituary will be released soon by his family.

As we mentioned earlier, no sites are confirming his death. However, we can confirm his death via recent social media posts.

Reportedly, he had attended Pierre Thomas‘s birthday party recently. Sadly, he has passed away just days after celebrating it.

Lil Durk Brother Killed

Dthang was famous for being Lil Durk‘s brother.

According to iheart, both the brothers had attended music mogul’s birthday party in Atlanta.

Moreover, his brother, Lil Dark, is a famous American singer and rapper. Here are some of his songs you can check out – Laugh Now Cry Later, Hellcats & Trackhawks, Should’ve Ducked, etc.

Everything About Rapper Dthang

Dthang had an estimated net worth of around a million.

Although we are unsure about his exact age, we can confirm that he was born on September 15.

Speaking about his family, he was born to Dontay Banks, Sr. However, nothing has been traced about his mother.

Furthermore, he was a married man with children. We hope his departed soul rests in peace.

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