Obituary: Xan Korman Shooting and Death Cause

Obituary: Xan Korman Shooting and Death Cause – How Did He Died?

Obituary: Xan Korman Shooting and Death Cause – How Did He Died?

Butler University student Xan Korman was fatally shot in Maryland on Sunday. He eventually died on Thursday.

The day has started with a piece of heartbreaking news early morning. Xan Korman was shot in Maryland on Sunday.

Moreover, the police recovered 30 shell casings from 4 different guns, one of which was a rifle. He was caught in the gunfire by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As per Wish TV, Xan Korman was the victim of a drive-by shooting on Sunday early morning. His mom said, “Xan’s body organs will be donated to the needy”.

Every detail is explained below How did he die?

Xan became the victim of the shooting in Maryland this week. He was shot on Sunday and has been hospitalized for few days. 

On Thursday, the news of his death was made public via Twitter. Xan’s mom, Carolyn Feis Korman writes a long heartbreaking tribute on Facebook. 

Who is Xan Korman? He was a photographer and photo editor at the Collegian, a student-run newspaper in Butler.

Xan Korman Cause Of Death Unveiled

Xan’s cause of death is not natural. He was shot with a rifle and was hospitalized for three days. 

No doubt, he fought as long as he could, and the doctors tried every possible intervention to save him. On Thursday, he passed away leaving his parents all alone. 

Moving on to his family details, Xan’s sudden death has left his parent are in a traumatic condition. However, his mother’s name is Carolyn Feis Korman, while his father’s name is out of sight now.

Explaining his date of birth, Xan’s actual age is unknown now. He must be around 20-25 years, by his looks.

Where is he from? Xan Korman hails from Washington DC. Hence, he is American by nationality.

Twitter Reacts To His Unexpected Death

Xan’s family and friends are paying tributes to his death on Twitter and Facebook.


One person Tweeted- “So sad to hear about Xan Korman. He was a talented young man and a true Bulldog at heart. Praying for comfort over his family”. 

Another person writes, “Xan was a really nice and kind person. Everyone loved and praised his photography talents. He was so talented, and he will be truly missed”.

Nevertheless, Xan is active on IG and Twitter with the username @Xanshotyou. He actually boasts a good fan following on these platforms.

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